Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall 2016 Simulcast part II: Arrogance, Bodyguard, shopping, law, design

So I am way behind on watching new series due to being ill and school work. But I have managed to check a few titles out  in my study breaks this last week. I will be checking more out soon.

One Percent of Something
Simulcast of Drama fever

This is a remake of an older drama called One Percent of Anything. You can watch both series on Drama Fever. You can see there are similarities and differences in the scripts. Basically the story is about a kindhearted teacher who helps an old man. The old man just happens to be a wealthy man with an ill tempered grandson. He decides that in order to reform his grandson he is going to write his will saying that he is leaving the teacher his money and to get it his grandson needs to marry her or whoever she marries will get the fortune. The grandson and the teacher though find that they do not like each other much. But they enter into a contract relationship to date for 6 months. It seems like it could be a lot of fun.

The K2
Simulcast on Drama Fever

I am going to admit that first trailer I saw for the series made me not to excited about the series. But when i finally got around to watching it this weekend I was like Wow this is awesome. And looking the 3rd trailer does the best job of describing what this series is about.

What we have here is an absolutely fascinating action kdrama. We have an excellent cast, a great soundtrack, exciting action scenes, and thrilling political drama. This is no cute romantic comedy. This is a serious action series about a man who is framed for the death of his fiancee and while on the run finds someone he wants to protect as well as an evil person who is a common enemy of the one who ruined his life. This is a tale of revenge and love. I am really excited to see the rest of this series.

Shopping King Louie
Simulcast on Viki

This is about a spoiled and sheltered chaebol who is a shopaholic. At 25 he is pretty immature and has no friends. His hobby though is shopping. He has an ability to pick out rare and limited edition items saying that they speak to him. After his parents died when he was young his grandma sent him to live in France since a fortune teller told her that she is extremely unlucky and that if she wanted him to live a long life to keep him far away from her. While watching a documentary on people who live in remote areas in Korea he becomes enchanted with the girl showing the cameraman around. The girl lives with her grandmother and brother in the mountains and gathers edible plants. After the show was filmed though her younger brother ran away and her grandmother became ill.One day she finds an old ginseng root and when she gets home to give it to her grandmother she finds the old woman has passed away. On her way to Seoul to find her brother she is robbed. So all she has left is the 50 year ginseng. She sees someone at the station who looks like he could buy it and stops him. He agrees to take it for a deposit and find out if it is real and then give her the rest. He happens to be the director of the shopping mall run by Louie's family and his mom wants him married. His mom even went to a fortune teller. Apparently he will meet his fate soon, a man and a woman will be coming from far away. When Louie's grandmother becomes sick she informs the rest of the family she intends to leave Gold Group to Louie and not the ones who lived in Korea and worked for the company. Louie returned to Korea on hearing his grandmother was ill. On the way he gets in a car accident and loses his memory. He then meets the girl Bok Sil. Since it looks like he is wearing her brother's clothing she decides to take care of him in case he gets his memory back and can help her instead of letting the police send him to a facility. So now his family thinks he is dead. This romantic comedy at first I found annoying because Louie is very childish. But as the first episode went on I became more interested and the second episode was even better. It looks like it will be zany and fun.

Woman With the Suitcase
Simulcast on Viki

This is about a brilliant paralegal who has the ability to be a top notch attorney but failed the bar 5 times because of test anxiety. After taking on a case that involves a hidden conspiracy she is sent to prison for violating the law and over stepping her boundaries into the job of an attorney. She loses everything: job, husband, home, and reputation. However, there is one person who wants to help her not only once more become successful but to help her become an attorney. That person is a former prosecutor turned paparazzi. He had been involved with a similar case in the past which caused him to leave his career behind. This series seems to be pretty good. We have corruption in the law system, as well as someone who even with a set back is working hard to survive. Even though the paparazzi seems like he shouldn't care about what happens to this woman we learn that this is a man with a heart. Even when he knows some information he doesn't always reveal it if it will harm someone. He is an interesting character who is still haunted by that last case he handled as a prosecutor and he has been investigating the case that sent the paralegal to prison in secret.  Both cases are related but can they get justice for the people who were harmed to cover up this crime perpetrated by someone who is rich and connected. I am really enjoying this so far.

Customized Love
Simulcast on Viki

This is another series about a woman whose career is ruined. This time it is  an up and coming designer who suddenly finds herself robbed of her money and her client. Now she can't pay the bills for her shop so she is forced to close the business. As she struggles to make her ends meet she keeps meeting a mechanic who is a former race car driver. Even though they have a bad start apparently they are going to fall in love  and she is going to try to force him to fit into her unrealistic list of expectations. I haven't gotten to that part yet but the series description claims this is what the series is about. I am not really sure about this series yet. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fall 2016 simulcast part 1: politics, mortality, suits, loser, drinking

Now that I am finished with PAX, it is time to watch some new shows. So we are in the last weeks of summer so the new shows will be going into the fall and so far they look good.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Simulcast on Dramafever

This remake of a chinese series is set at the beging of the Goryeo dynasty just like Shine or Go Crazy. In fact the series have the same charachters. King Taejo had many sons and they were caught in a battle for succession. The series is about a woman whose boyfriend cheats on her. While being upset she saves a boys life only to find herself in danger. She finds herself transported back to the Goryo period in the body of a previous incarnation. Where she finds herself between brothers who ate in love with her. Can she change their tragic fates. The series is really interesting. I like it better than the original series. Lee Jun Ki is always amazing in his acting and his action scenes. The man is georgous and the fact he does his own fight scenes is cool. I have to say this is the datkest role I have seen him in and he is doing a good job.

Simulcast on Dramafever

A script writer finds she has 6 months to live while working on a drama with a lead actor who she hates. He is a bad actor and they have a complicated past. Yet as her life is coming to an end they find love. Her friend on the otherhand sees herself becoming a trophy wife for a politicion. He is cheating on her and since she can't have childern her in laws are mistreating her. She is trapped in a baf position. So far most of the charachters in this drama are misrable. The cancer doctor is a very positive man. He was dignosed with lung cancer and he is doing his best to help her to see the beauty and joy in what time she has left. This looks like it will be pretty sad.

Laural Tree Tailors
Simulcast on Viki

Revolves around a taylor shop called the Laural Tree tailors. It is about an old man whose shop is having trouble and his son only cares about working at his wife's familly company. When his health starts to fail as well he decides to run away telling his family to sell the shop as he can't bear too. It appears that his son'in laws might have done something to the buisness. Not only that but the sons mother in law and brother in law have used underhanded means to take over the company. So the son is told if he can't get it back he is getting a divorse. The series actually looks pretty funny. A washed up idol plays a breakup song at a wedding then the cops bust in and you get a police chase with the idol chasing behind for his pay. The series isn't the most exciting and looks a bit slow but it looks pretty interesting. I am going to guess that the son is going to end up dovorsed and the messed up wedding's bride is going to end up with him. They keep running into each other and she is a worker in the shop. Plus her exgangster groom isn't looking to be on the straight and narrow like he promised.

Our Gab Soon
Simulcast on Viki and Dramafever

Gab Soon and Gab Dol have been dating for a long time. Gab Soon has been supporting her looser boyfriend for a long time as he studies for the civil service examn. After a fight over him treating her badly and her loosing her job they break up only to find that he really cares for her and regrets taking her for granted. Personnally I think the writing is bad for this series. I feel like the first episode just jumped from one group of people to the next. It didn't do a good job of even making me care about any of these people. I felt like it was a chire to get through one episode. I also was disgusted with how Gab Dal treated Gab Soon. He treating her coldly and even cheating on her. He used her and had her buy a lot of things for her. He is the worst. I was not impressed. I felt that Gab Soon was a fool letting him take advantage of her like that.

Let's Drink
Simulcast on Drama Fever

Thos actually was pretty good. It is about a prep school teacher whose school goes under and is hired at an academy who has just hired a prep academy star teacher. The guy is stuck up and looks down on others. And he is really looking down on this young woman who didn't go to a good school and doesn't even have a teachers certificate. He also keeps seeing her in situations where she is sucking up to people. Then when she throws a rumor in his face about him not being a Soeul University graduate he dislikes her even more. He then shows proof he is a alumni and won't forgive her. The series is filmed very well. I especially like how the drinking scenes are filmed. The beauty of the drink as it fills the glass, the food sizziling on the grill. It is a scene that is beatiful and makes you want to be partaking of it. The pacing of the story and dialouge is interesting. Seeing the contrast between the charachters drinking in social situations where you have to act a certain way contrasted with drinking by yourself and being free to relax or deal with negative feelings is interesting. I think the writer and director did a good job of making you care about the charachters and want to see what happens next.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer 2016 Simulcast Part IV: age, curses, position, love, eunuchs, online, news

The late summer dramas are starting. I know I am a bit late starting the first few. More will be starting in the next week.

Love by Design
Simulcast by Viki

This is a remake of the Korean drama Baby Faced Beauty. It is about a woman in her 30's who looses her long time job at a textiles factory only to find her age is a problem in getting a new one. So she pretends to be her 25 year old sister and ends up getting a job at a fashion company. I feel the chinese remake doesn't have the charm of the original. It is cheesier and the acting isn't as good.

My Little Princess
Simulcast on Viki

This is about a girl who seems to have everything. She is the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy man. He passed away without any other children so she is seen as a legitimate heir. His widow has decided she is going to marry another wealthy families son, but he hates her. She seems to think she has a curse where everyone she likes dislikes her. At the party where her fiance returned home she mistook hos senior from college for him and he even saves her from drowning in the pool when she is rejected. Even though she wants to win her fiancees heart and then crush it for revenge she keeps running into his senior. It could be he is her prince. It seems pretty cute and silly. I found it interesting that we get her backstory as if it were a fairy tale.  Plus some of the situations she gets into are hilarious, for instance running away from gangsters with a guy dressed up in a cute angel bear costume. Over all this looks like fun.

Cinderella and Four Knights
Simulcast on Drama Fever

Ha Win is a senior in high School. She lives with her step mother and step sister while her father travels the country working as a long haul truck driver. She is treated as an out cast and in order to earn her college tuition she works a lot of part time jobs. She just needs a bit more and she has enough for her first year. That is when she discovers her moms place at the charnal house hasn't been paid and the amount owed is 5 million won. Which is about as much as she has saved. So she decides to take a job as a rich guys date to a wedding. Only to find herself in the middle of a childish plot to mess up the guys grandfathers 5th wedding. Instead of causing problems she shows the grandfather she is upright and the solution to his problem with his grandsons. The grandfather tracks her down and offers her a live in job to reform the young men and when she is kicked out of her home after learning she isn't even her fathers child she accepts the challenge. The only thing is dating is not allowed. This looks cute. It has been touted as being similar to Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango), since you have rich guys and a poor girl. Though i doubt any of these guys are any where as nasty and mean as the boys of f4. Personally i found the kdrama version of Hana Yori Dango off putting even though it is pretty popular. So far I believe that the grandsons here are not at that level. I think that what is going on here is each one is having emotional issues. You have 3 young men thrown together who didn't know of each others existence prior, and it doesn't look like they are given much besides money. There is a lack of affection here. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Second to Last Love
Simulcast on Drama Fever and Viki

This series seems to focus around two individuals whose relationship starts off rocky. We have a career woman who produces dramas. She is in her 40's and has never married. It seems though something may have occurred in her past causing her to give up on love. Then we have a man in his 40's who has also given up on love along with his dreams. He became a Civil Servant after giving up his dreams to support his family. Apparently his wife died in some kind of accident and his family is the most important thing to him. These twos lives have become entangled through work and the fact that she moved in next door. As they interact it seems like they are starting to see each others good points, even if she has a much younger man pursuing her as well. The way it is set up I would say it is obvious the younger man has no chances. I think this will be a story of two individuals who were previously hurt when it comes to love opening their hearts and finding love again.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
Simulcast on Viki

This is about a young woman who is living as man.Her foster father is sick and in debt and wants her to leave him so she can live her own life.  She helps people with love problems and even writes love letters for them to earn money. She writes a letter for a noble man and when he gets a response he pays her to take him place to meet her because she is someone he shouldn't love. But instead of the target of the letter she meets her brother, the crown prince. She thinks though that the reason it was forbidden was the target was a man. After leaving him in a ditch when he wants to prove her identity she finds she is wanted for helping someone's daughter in law elope. She then finds herself kidnapped and sold to the palace to be a eunuch. That is where she once again meets the crown prince, who is keeping his identity from her. Even though she is trying to fail the test to be a eunuch so she can get out the prince does everything he can to make sure she stays. This drama looks like it could be fun. You have the funny exchange based on misunderstandings and there is also political drama as people struggle to gain power. If done right this could be good. This is going to be a cross dressing love story. It should be a lot of fun.

Love 020 
Simulcast on Drama Fever

This Chinese drama is based off a novel about a couple who fall in love in a mmorpg. It is about a smart young woman who is attending an university in Beijing. She is majoring in computer science and she loves games. Since she won't share her photo online everyone thinks she is not really a girl and her partner in the game dumps her and ends up with the girl voted prettiest in the game. After watching their wedding procession in the game she is approached by the number one male player asking her if she would like to become his partner and having an even grander ceremony. She agrees since the first time she partnered up to have someone to quest with now shouldn't be any different. What she doesn't know is a student at her school and in the same department. A very well known student who she even admires. He also seems to be very aware of her identity from the start. One thing that I liked was the fact that the series mentions how online games help people with disabilities. There is actually a great deal of research available to read about the positive impact that the internet has had on people who suffer from autism, anxiety and mobility type disabilities. I liked that the main character finds her dream by interacting with the disabled boy she tutors as well as the fact that her dream is to make a game to help others who are limited by disability be able to expand their worlds. What we have is a tale of two people who fall in love after meeting in a game. A very modern and nerdy romance. So far I really like this.

Jealousy incarnate
Simulcast on Drama Fever

So this is about a really unlikable new announcer with complicated family issues. After reporting his brothers unethical business practices and incurring the wrath of his brothers women, who are also announcers, he runs away to be a foreign corespondent in Bangkok. Now he is back in Korea and meets once again a weather girl who has had a long time crush on him. She is convinced he has breast cancer and should get checked after accidentally touching his chest. He just finds her annoying. However, it looks like she might be right. On the other hand the weather girl is having her own troubles being stuck in a thankless job and treated with scorn. After her junior gets her drunk before she is supposed to film she gets herself into trouble. Now she says she isn't interested him he seems to be feeling something. This one seems to be slow in the beginning and complicated. On one hand we have a man who is estranged from his family.  Then we have unfairness in the work place. Third we have the love triangle. Could be interesting or boring depending on the direction it takes. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer 2016 Simulcast Part III: Dimensions, Idols, Vampires, Boys, Cheer, heroes

Okay I finally tried all the new series that have aired and been subtitled officially and sound interesting.

Simulcast on Viki

Yeon Joo is a cardiothoratic resident doctor and her professor just discovered her father is tge author of his favorite web comic, W. Since the next update is supposed to be the last he tells her if she can get a spoiler for him he will let her operate on a heart. So she contacts her fathers office only to discover he is missing. At the office she discovers that her father is killing off the main character, Kang Cheol, much to her dismay. Some how she is drawn into the world of the comic where she saves  Kang Cheol. She finds her self going back and forth between worlds--like the kid in Last Action Hero--as she fights with her father who wants to kill Kang Cheol. The comic seems to have its own life going against the will of its creator. I am pretty intrigued by this sci-fi title. We have two versions of Seoul and a woman traveling between the two trying to save a man who only wants the truth behind his familys deaths. I am not sure how the series gained its own life but what we have feels s bit like Star Ocean Till The End of Time, where you have a created world break free of those who created it and gain their own wills. I am looking forward to seeing more of this one. This is an inter-dimensional love story. Besides I do like Lee Jong Suk, and he always is in interesting series. I have to say I really enjoyed this one.

Simulcast on Funimation

This is yet another male idol group anime. Syunpei is told by his sick elder sister to go to her favorite idol group, Six Gravity, handshake event. He ends up meeting the group in the backstage area. They hang out with him. So the episode was kind of cute. I am not sure i would enjoy this though as a full series. Also I felt the CG was not well integrated. When only the dancing part looks different from the rest it bothers me. Could be a cute series. But not really my thing.

Simulcast on funimation

Mahiru lost his parents at a young age. After listening to the adults talk about how they didn't want to take him in his uncle told him he would take care of him. The experience left him thinking that if no one else wanted to take on troublesome jobs that he would be that someone to reach out. He always says he likes simple things and hates troublesome things. However, he always takes the jobs everyone else doesn't want. One day on the way home he finds a cat that is passed out. He decides to take the cat home to raise as a pet and names him Kuro. It turns out this is no ordinary cat, but a vampire. He ends up forming a contract with Kuro when Mahiru and his friends encounter an evil vampire.. A servant X vampire contract. The vampire is served by a human who also gives blood to the vampire. And any request made by the human must be followed. This could be an interesting series. Kuro seems like a lazy guy who doesn't want to be involved but Mahiru wants to be someone who doesn't run away from things that need someone to do them. He wants to be that someone who comes when no one else wants to just like his uncle filled that role for him. I am not sure where this will do but done right it could be a lot of fun.

First Love Monster
Simulcast on Funimation

Kaho Nikaido is a spoiled rich girl. She is tired of everyone always walking on eggshells around her and never scolding her so she decides to leave home to go to high school in Tokyo so she  can become a better person. While moving into her new place she accidentally drops some boxes and the doll her brother gave her starts to roll down the street. In chasing it she is almost hit by a truck. At the last minute she is saved by a cool guy. She falls in love at first sight. However, he won't give her his name and calls her creepy. It turns out they live in the same place so he decides she isn't creepy. When she confesses he tells her they can date if she can accept his true self. Kanade Takahashi turns out to be a 5th grader. Meaning there is a 5 year age difference. Even though she says it is okay she is disturbed. Plus she now keeps seeing his immaturity. Personally I was a bit disturbed. And the humor was  not something I was comfortable, especially the playground wiener jokes. In my opinion this was just wrong on many levels.

Cheer Boys
Simulcast on Funimation

Haruki has been practicing Judo for years since his family runs a dojo. However, a shoulder injury has made it difficult to continue. This fact has him feeling awkward at home and in judo club at school. He sees this as a good chance to quit the judo club since he doesn't feel like he is good enough for it. His friend Kazu does so as well. Kazu talks him into starting a mens cheering club with him. This is basically about some young college freshman creating a new club. I like the idea that they want to find a new path and give support and happiness to others. It feels like a heart warming story where you have young men working together and making friends. Pretty much a typical shonen series. I like the animation. I think there are some interesting shots of the skyline and the window reflection was good. Over all if done right this could be fun.

Scar-red Rider Xechs
Simulcast on Funimation

Invaders from another world have come and a 5 man team has been assembled to fight them. The members of the team are called riders. They are getting a new teacher who is 17 years old. While everyone else is preparing for the new instructors arrival and for possible battle,one ride, Yosuke has a serious problem. He is constantly saying he has stomach problems and ditching but the real issue is he is unable to transform like the other riders. The other riders look down on him. But in the midst of battle he finds what he was missing. This is one of those other worldly invaders series. There are a lot of them this season. Here they kind of look like power rangers. I would have to watch a few more episodes to decide if I like it or not.  

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer 2016 simulcast part II: gho4sts, bucket list, medicine, swim, psycopath, wolves, masks, magic girls, spirits, powers, heroes, time, robots, Dispair, sisters

Let's Fight Ghosts
Simulcast on Drama Fever

This is about a young man who works as an exorcist in oder to make some money. He lives with a monk who used to be a popular to call for services but is now having a hard time. Apparently there was some kind of incident that ruined the monks career and the young man promised to have nothing more to do with ghosts. Even though he promised to pretend to not see ghosts so that he can live a normal life he is being scouted by a ghost hunting club on campus and doing his exorcist job secretly. One night he is called upon for an exorcism at a girls high school. Where he meets the ghost of a spunky high school girl. She kicks his butt since he can only handle weak ghosts. He wants to be stronger. After consulting the monk he decides to try again. Unfotunately the ghost hunting club has careras set up for a paranormal investigation. The female ghosts has no memories. While fighting, they accidently touch lips. But it turns out she is not the only ghost there. They end up working together to defeat the evil ghost. Since she remembered something when their lips touched she decides to team up with him. This show looks like it will be pretty funny. This is not some serious ghost series. Ot is a ghost comedy.

Uncontrolably Fondly
Simulcast on Drama Fever

A superstar discovers he has a year to live. And one person comes to mind, his past love he parted with on bad terms. He has a lot of things to feel guilty about towards her. Now it's been 5 years since they last met and she is trying to get him to do a documentary so she can get a job. He can not bear to hurt her again and agrees to do it even if he in turn is hurt. After learning his condition has worsened and he does not even have 6 months left along with the fact the documentary is an antisuicide film for teens were celebrities do tgere bucket lists he decides he wants a passionate romance with her. What we have is a story of two people who loved each other being given another chance. It looks like it will be a rough one but done right it should be good. I like the idea that it is about not leaving with regrets.

Doctor Crush/Doctors
Simulcast on Drama Fever and Viki

Hye Jung is a girl whose life is unhappy. Since het mother died her father has remarried and she has become a delinquent. She has now been left at her grandmothers house where she has become determined to change. Her homeroom teacher boards at their house and after witnessing him save a woman starts to admire him.  He is actually a doctor who gave up his career because he blamed himself for patients deaths. She is actually really smart but has never studied before. The smartest girl in class helps her only to find herself feeling jealous. Hye Jung takes her top spot at math and she gets the teachers smiles. Her healiusy leads her to spread rumors that the teacher and Hye Jung are dating. When trying to talk things out there is an accident. Everything goes wrong and her path to becoming a doctor and to love is hard. Now she is a doctor. One who even fights with gangsters in the ER who are causing trouble. What we have is a series about someone who is very smart but has bad circumstances. She is able to find meaning and a goal thanks to her grandma and teacher. This is a good set up. But even with the hope built we see it is not all great since jealosy seperates her and the teacher and malpractice robs her of her grandmother. It is only thanks to money left by her grandma that helps her to achieve her dream. I think this should be pretty decent.

Swimming Battle
Simulcast on Viki

This ones is about a sucessful buisnessman who devlopes diving equipment. He is searching for his first love. A girl who saved him from bullies and taught him to swim as a child. While having a party someone on another boat falls overboard and is drowning so he jumps in to save them. He finds two people in trouble. The second being the girl he has been looking for. The only thing is she does not remember him or know how to swim. Her fathers swim team is in trouble and hwr fathers health is not good. So the the man agrees to help to improve the team with hopes to get the girl to remember him. This looks pretty cute. It has a lot of Little Mermaid references. In this case it is the prince saving the princess from drowning though.

Beautiful Mind
Simulcast on Viki

Yet another series anout Neruosurgeons. I guess brain surgery is the kdrama thing this summer. One other place where this is similar to Doctor Crush is that you have hospital politics and schemers trying to make a profit. However here it is much darker to the point that someone was acctually silenced by using a table death after a hit and run as an excuse. A police officer is suspicious after she witnesses a man getting run over by a vehicle. It turns out to be someone she saw raising trouble at the hospital. He says to her he won't tell anyone about something if his life is spared. She realizes this was no accident. She reports the incident and takes him to the hospital where two surgeons agree to cooperate. However, the nerosurgeon doesn't seem willing to participate. In fact he might have sabatoged things. The head surgeon suspects something but all video evidence has disappeared. Both he and the officer find that proving there was something more to this is going to prove to be diffucult. However, the officer keeps privately investigating and finds the truth. But there is no physical evidence and tge car involved is stolen so it becomes a cold case. This is pretty creepy. The neurosurgeon seems like he is incapable of feelings and has no problem killing a patient or threatening a police officer who is also a heart patient. According to the description the neurosurgeon is incapable of emotion and as mysterious deaths happen he is suspicious. It also says the police woman is going to open his heart up so he can learn to love. What surprised me most is the claim that this is based off the book Frankenstein. Having read tge book I do not see the connection. The book was about a man who tried to play God and had the question of who eas the real monster, the creator or the created. This kdrama is about a man who has no emotions and is part of corporate coruption. He is a guy willing to murder even though he is a doctor. Maybe the one point he and Victor Framkenstein share is that they are both willing to step outside of what is considered moral to reach their goals. However, Victor is a pretty emotional charachter while this guy does not care about anything. This is really not my kind of series but if you like that kinda thing you might enjoy this.

Prince of Wolf
Simulcast on Viki

Ze Ming was abandoned in the forest as a small child by his uncle who wanted him out of his way because of the inheritance. Because he helped an injured wolf in a net the wolf pack accepted him and care for him. He is able to get the things he needs to survive by hunting and gathering as well as taking what is left on the mountain by others. One day he meets a young woman named Mimi who wants to take a photo of the wolves sacred grounds. When she needs to return home he is sad and the wolf who raised him lets hom know he should go after her. So the two head down the mountain to the human world. This is a story of a child raised by wild animals and how they return to the world of humans. Even if it seems a bit fantastic. Especially since his hair looks pretty decent for a kid who spent all his life in the forest. I doubt he has been to the barber in years. I would think his hair would be longer. But overall this looks like fun.

Simulcast on Crunchyroll

It looks like stop motion using creepy looking dolls. It is about a town where everyone wears animal costume heads. I found it to be weird.

Mahou Shoujo? Maria Girls
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

So this one really annoyed me. You have a mix of stills with cg models on a background. Besides where you have the 3 girl cg models there is no movement. I found it distracting. Basically this is about 3 girls who have been chosen to save the world.

Mob Psycho 100
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

This one is about a gifted young middle school student who has strong pychic powers. He goes by thr name Mob. His master really has no powers but Mob does not realize it and thinks it is only to train him. This actually looks funny. If you can get past the ugly art style it should be fun.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Simulcast on Funimation

Yet another series about a young man with supernatrual powers. This one is about a young man who sees his life as unfotunate. There are no surprizes in life for him and because of his powers making things to easy he feels no sense of achievement. He says to gain something you loose something. It looks really silly.

Tales of Zestiria X
Simulcast on Funimation

In a land where a strange weather phenominon manifested itself illness has appeared. They have sentout investigators to see what the omnimous cloud is and if the sickness is a plauge. What this means is a great disaster is coming so what they need is the great hero of legend who can draw the sword, who is called the Shepherd. This could be interesting.

Time Travel Girl
Simulcast on Funimation

About a girl whose father is a famous scientist. Her father has been missing for 3 years. When she goes to a friends house she opens a book and is transported into the past. The book had apparently been entrusted to her friends brother by her father. It also looks like there are people after her father. This looks pretty interesting. I like that it talks about science and how scientist discover things. Plus I am a big fan of history and time travel so of course this is something I would go for.

Simulcast on Crunchyroll

This is based off the kinestetic novel by Key. Apparently there are no choices are alternate endings. This is set in a word where 30 years before a city was abandonned after being bombed with biological wepeons. Now it is a place in ruins with antipersonnel robots patroling the streets. A man in search of anything of value finds his way to an abandonned department store where he finds a lonely damaged robot who thinks does not understand how the world has changed. The contrast between the pristine looking robot and planitarium is stark. The world and everything outside that room is broken. Even the projector for the planitarium is broken. This is a dead place. Yet the robot goes on as if nothing has really changed, waiting to serve someone. Knowing key I am sure this is going to be sad.

Danganrompa 3
Simulcast on funimation

This is a prequel. It apparently shows the events leading up to the tragedy that occured before the first series. It starts with a former student becoming the assistant teacher for a clasd of elite students who don't attend class but focus only on their specialties. She however, is ready to work to get them to experience everything a student should. It will be interesting to see how things went wrong here. This series is sure to end in one way: tragedy.

Simulcast on funimatin

Two sisters live in the Enastria Empire. It has been 12 years since the war.  The eldet sister looks like a small child. On a datmy the two sisters are supposed to have a date together a man comes for the eder sister. He wants to fight her. But only together with her sister can she defeat him. The sister who is the core to a mech and her younger sister together are able to overcome everything together. This seems pretty unique from what I have seencso far for a mech series. I think I would like to see more of this.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer 2016 Simulcast Part I: Banana's, Yokai, together, Strength, games, idols, soccer, stakers, ocean, occult, war, transfer, prohibition, compassion, laziness, Worlds,, zombies

I'm a bit late watching the new series that have started, mostly because I've either been sleeping or too many little kids are hanging around to watch anything new with out knowing what I'm getting into first. I don't need my sister and her sister-in-law accusing me of corrupting their kids while they are visiting. Though Bananya seems like a kid safe one so I did watch that with the little ones. I won't be watching Orange because I've read that series. It was really really good. I also have been following reLife so I won't be watching that. Berserk I think might be a bit to violent for me from what I know of the series. Also I am not interested in seeing Ultraman, or the Highschool Life of a Fundanshi.

Simulcast on crunchyroll

As my sisters niece said "That's super weird but super cute." There is absolutely no other way to describe a show about cats who live in banana's. It looks like  it's aimed towards kids and episodes are around 2 min each. And yeah it really cute and weird.

The Morose Mononokean
Simulcast on crunchyroll

It's about a young man whose family runs a flower shop. One day on the way home from shopping he helps a Yokai, who he thinks is a stuffed animal. Unfortunately it possess him and even though he has started high school he hasn't  been able to make it to class because he keeps fainting on the way. So after a week of not getting to class he discovers a recruitment poster for exorcist and thinks this is his chance to be free. He calls the number and is helped but is also tricked into becoming the new helper to pay off his debt for the exorcism. It looks like it might be interesting.

Sweetness and Lightness
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

This is about a young teacher Inazuka sensei, who lost his wife 6 months ago and is struggling to deal with the hole she left in his life and raise their daughter. Since she died he hasn't eaten with his daughter and their meals have mostly been bento's and other quick foods. One day he takes his daughter to view the cherry blossoms and they meet a girl who is crying and eating. She tells them her mom was supposed to eat with her but didn't come. She gives them a business card for her families restaurant. One night he was running home and comes home to see his daughter drooling on the tv over some meat being prepared and starts talking about asking her mom to prepare a yummy meal. Thats when he decides he needs to give his daughter a good meal. He calls the card's number and they are like today is . .  but then tells him to come anyway. When they arrive it's only the girl. She's a high school student who is even in Inazuka's class but he hadn't noticed. She makes them a pot of rice. Eating that rice together was something all three needed. His daughter was happy and he realized he needed to do better for her sake. The high school student asks Inazuka to eat meals with her from now on as well. What we have is a father who is having difficulty adjusting after loosing his wife and a lonely high school student. In fact this high school student saved him from leaving his daughter feeling lonely eating her meals together like she is. It seems that this girl even though she has a mother is always alone when eating her meals. So now the three will help each other. I think this is going to be a heartwarming slice of life.

Taboo Tattoo
Simulcast on crunchyroll

Seigi is a middle school student whose grandpa trains him in martial arts. He likes to help people out. One day he helps a guy and is told that he is being given a key to the truth of the world. All of a sudden he finds a strange tattoo on his hand. He runs into a mysterious girl who attacks him saying that the tattoo is a top secret American weapon. She explains about what it is and how they are activated by triggers by those bearing them called the sealed. She is part of a tattoo retrieval unit from the US Army. And she follows him around for a few days. After being attacked by another person with a tattoo he activates his power only to find he has the trigger-less void tattoo. Personally I think this is your basic I want to be stronger anime but with the main character actually being strong to start with. So far I don't really think this show is that great. But i'll give it a few episodes before making a concrete decision.

New Game!
Simulcast on crunchyroll

This one is about a young woman starting a job at a game company. It's pretty moe. Now it looks interesting in that it is about making games if you can get past the moe. I do like that this is about female game developers but I'm not a fan of the execution. Plus why is one character wandering around the office in her underwear and a shirt. It's not something I really like to watch.

Simulcast on crunchyroll

This series totally feels like it's an otome game. And on looking apparently it's a fictional idol group and a game was made based off it and now there is an anime. So the anime is about Tesubasa who is going to be the groups new A&R. She just happens to be the first female staff member for B-Project.She is being trained on the job. It's basically yet another idol group anime. Not my kind of series.

Simulcast on Crunchyroll

If you like sports anime this one is a good choice. You have a young man whose classmate invites him to participate in a soccer game. Even though he has never played he tries hard. Even though he keeps making mistakes he does his best and ends up having a great time. He had so much fun he decides he wants to join the soccer team. It's basically your weak kid falls in love with a sport joins up and gets stronger type of show.

Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Momo-kun just got his first girlfriend. Unfortunately what he doesn't know is that she has been stalking him. I found this to be more than a bit creepy.

Simulcast on Crunchyroll

I think this is about two very different girls becoming friends  and a love of the sea. I could be wrong since they don't really do much in the first episode. I really disliked how the characters switched between a detailed look and then their heads would become rounded with simplified features. The one girl looked downright creepy. I probably won't be following this one.

Simulcast on crunchyroll

Kotaru has a strange dream where the world is destroyed and he is the only one there. He goes into the forest and finds a mysterious girl who kills him with a ribbon. On waking he finds the world is normal. When he heads to bed that night he feels uneasy and is awoken by being bitten but sees nobody in the room. He is someone who talks to everyone in his class but doesn't fit in. In his class there are two other students with no fiends, a rich girl and a delinquent. He wants the three of them to be close and have fun. At night he feels heavy and looks under his blanket to see the girl from the forest biting his arm. Night after night this occurs. After his childhood friend suggests it he decides to consult the schools witch. They follow a lead but end up just leaving a note. He then receives a reply and is told to fill out a form. Later he gets another message telling him to come to school where he has another supernatural encounter. So far I'm not entirely certain what is going on here. The opening suggests he is given a second chance to live out his life. Also he apparently has some special powers. Besides that I'm not sure. The first episode is about 47 minutes in length and it leaves me with a lot of questions. However, I am interested in seeing where this goes.

Qualidea Code
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

This one takes place in a post apocolyptical world since the world was said to be destroyed in the war in the past. People were put into a cold sleep and now they have powers to fight the unknown enemy. It seems a bit to pretty for a post apocolyptical world in my opinion. This is vasically your kids with specidl powers fighting to save the world type story.

Simulcast on crunchyroll

A short anime with 3 min episides. A transfer student arrives in a strange town. It is not enough to fet a good idea of what the series is about.

91 Days
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

If you like stories about prohabition and the mafia this is for you. It has an intersting historical setting and is definitly a serious period piece.

Thunderbolt Fantasy
Simulcast on Crynchyroll

Over the top Chinese fantasy. The characthers look like gorgeous puppets. The only thing that really botgered me is their mouths barely opened. More like thier bottom lip moved a tiny bit. Besides that it is pretty. A wandering swordsman finds a Buddah statue witb an umbella. He decides to borrow it to protect himself from the rain. A nearby man tells him if he takes it he needs to perform an act if compassion on behalf of the Buddah. He agrees. As he is walking along the path he sees a girl being accosted by a group of armed men. He saves her and in the process loses his umbrella. He takes her back to the shrine where he is attacked by a man affilayrd with those other men. They are from a group called Xuan Gui Zong. Unfortunatly before defeating the girls pursuer his identity is sent back to the orginization. Now he has a powerful enemy out to get him. I think this sounds really good. I admit i do enjoy reading Chinese fantasy novels. My favorites being Desolate Era and Against the Gods, so this should be fun. I also enjoyed the emding theme which I knew right off was done by TM Revolution. I am looking forward to more of this one.

This Art Club Has a Problem
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

It is about a girl with a crush on a guy who has no interest in 3D girls. He joined the art club so he can create the perfect 2D waifu. The series is definitly weird.

Alderamin on the Sky
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

On the eay to take a military examn a group of examnee are shipwreaked. While getting into the life boat Ikky saves a girl who turns out to be the princess. The survivors find themselves in enemy territory. They need to find a way to get home or to surrender. Ikky is a lazy guy but he has a future ahead of him as the lazy general. It looks like it could be interesting. The setting is a fantasy world where wvery human has a sprite partner. Ikky also gas a mysterious past. He was found in the road passed out and then raised in an orphanage. Hopefully this will be good.

Ange Vierge
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

So this is a magic girl anime. It's about 5 worlds heading towards destruction an the girls with the power to save them. Ut was kind of lame to have a verbal explanation of how this world is set up instead of incorporating it into the story. It is poor story telling. Apparently this writer need to learn it is show not tell.

Simulcast on Crunchyroll

This one is a zombie story. One day the grave yard is found torn apart. A mysterious woman shows up claiming to be Zhang's graddaughter, but in the town they only know his grandson Chulan, who was left at the orphanage by his dad. Chulan comes home from school to find his grandfathwr had been dug up. That night he wants to fix the grave but finds the girl digging around. She attacks him and wants to bury him. But ahe attracts zombies. She is able to escape because he accidently fets their attention. He is only saved because it looks like the Zhang family has a secret. It seems like a lot of people are looking for his grandpas body. They also want to know about this secret.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Spring 2016 Simulcast part XI: curses, stress, translation, misfortune

Mirror of the Witch
Simulcast on Viki and Drama Fever

Set in the Joseon period, this is the tale of a cursed princess. The queen was barren so she had decided to make use of a shameness who practices black magic. To do so they used an innocent young shamans who worked in the palace, made her sleep with the king and stole her children from her womb placing them in the queens. As they killed her she never knew the children were hers, but told the queen the twins would be cursed to die at 17. That all who loved them and all they loved would die. When the twins were born the evil shamaness  transfered the curse to the princess and tried to kill her to eliminate the curse. However, the princess lived. This looks to be very interesting. There are a lot of nasty characterstuff living in the palace doing what they think is needed to maintain their positions even if it is evil. It will be interesting to see how this developes.

Beautiful Gong Shim
Simulcast on Viki and Drama Fever

Gong Shim is under a lot of stress. She can't find a job. She can't afford to go to an Academy and rent her rooftop apartment. And the reason she moved out was because her parents allowed her sister to take over her room for use as a dressing room. Her parents favor her sister. So she us now forced to give up her renter room to a guy she can't get along with. Not long after she is assisted by a customer at work. She thinks her sister is going to help her. Turns out it's the sisters bosses wife so her family tells her to give up. She says no she's going to sue. She gets drunk and the next morning finds she's back in her old room sleeping with the new tenant. It turns out that he is an attorney and helps people who don't have a lot of money. It looks like it could be interesting. It looks like the attorney has a special past. I think he was kidnapped or lost as a child and his real family is wealthy. In fact I think the guy he saves in the parking lot is his relative. It will be interesting to see what's really going on here.

Less Interpretes 
Simulcast on Drama Fever and Viki

About a young woman who aspires to be an interpretor.  While studying in Zurich she makes a mistake in translation and ithe is seen by anow interpretor who is strict. He decides she isn't meant for the profession and gets her scholarship revoked so she has to return to China. Now six years later she has worked hard to improve and is now finds herself working as an intern under the same man who ended her overseas studies. This series is about the importance of communication and a young woman who wants to be part of bring together people who speak different languages. It looks interesting.

Lucky Romance
Simulcast on Viki

Shim Bo Nui lost her parents when she was in high school and was left with her younger sister. Then two years ago her sister was in an accident. She met a fortune teller at the hospital who knew since young any plant or animal she's  cared for has died and anyone who was near her met bad luck. He tells her that she needs to save her sister  and tells her how to counter the misfortune. She has worked hard since then trying to save her sister and survive without hurting anyone else. Her sister though is in bad condition so she once again consults the fortune teller who tells her of she catches a guy born in the year of the Tiger and spends the night with him she can once again save her sister from death. However, she's not the only unlucky one here. The CEO of Zeze, is a man who was a child progedy. He excels at math and has an important game demonstration. But right before needing to prepare he has an encounter with the unlucky leading lady. Then he posses off his employees who are helping with the technical side. WhOle he is working to calm himself the two employees sabotage the presentation. And Bo Nui is called by her friend to help. However, the situation is way out of hand and the presentation is ruined. The CEO seems to have some serious anxiety issues and ends up passing out. The two keep running into each other. I think that he might be her lucky tiger. Maybe they will help each other. It looks like it will be interesting.