Friday, November 24, 2017

Soft: Darn Good Yarn November Subscription Unboxing

So it has been a while since my last post. Turned out I was a lot sicker then I thought I was. So sick I failed my classes. I had to take a break from my studies. Got some new specialist, had surgury and got to spend a night at St Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor. Which by the way was a really nice place to stay. But I am now recoving nicely and hopefully by next fall will be able to get back to school.

So while all this was going on I started to try some subscription boxes. Which I will start to review from now on. We will start with the one I started this month. Darn Good Yarn, which is a service where they get yarn made by women in Napal and India to support themselves. They use industrial waste from clothing companies to create high quality yarn. So this not only helps women make a living but also helps the environment. So this has two good things off the bat. The site also offers clothing and other items made by women on the site.

You get a few choices in ordering. There are 4 differnt options to chose from.
For $10 you have a choice of yarn, beads, or fabric. For $29 you can get a premium yarn box which gives you 3 skiens of yarn.

I choice the $10 yarn box. Which gives you 1 skein of yarn, a pattern in chochet and one in knit, and a free gift. I also chose to get an extra free gift for $5 more.

The yarn for this month is a silk yarn. It is super soft. I saw some yarn similar at the yarn store in pikes market place for about $30. Which is outside of my price range for one skein of yarn at this time. The colors are nice and vibrant. I feel that the pattern for a airplant holder is not a good march. I'll probably go to Ravelry to find a really fun pattern for it.

The free item or items that came with the yarn this month were a set of us size 8 wood knitting needles, and a metal crochet hook. The knitting needles are a great quality. I like wood and bamboo over metal kneedles, especially when it is cold. Plus they wear in nicely as you use them.
For a good set of wood kneedles I would expect to pay around $10 or $12, depending on size, brand, and wood type it varies. The extra item I paid for is some type of cord. It isn't labeled so I have absolutely no idea the type of material it is.

Overall I will say for $15 this is a really great subscription. The yarn is beautiful and wonderful. The value of the items is worth more then the price. The great thing is that in buying from here you do a good deed. The orders ship around the 20th of the month. After the holidays I will be upgrading to the premiun box.

Here is my referal link to give you $10 off your first purchase if you buy $25 worth I'll get points.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fall Simulcast Part V: Revenge, paths, mermaids, curses, strength, Memories

Here are some real new titles. I have so much school work and my health is still bad that I have decided to just leave off the ones that I am way behind on and just go forth with the newest titles.

Princess Wei Young
Simulcast on Drama Fever

This is the story of a young woman from a small country that is absorbed by the Wei dynasty when her father chooses to relinquish control and join the Wei. However, he is framed for treason and his whole family except the princess are killed. She ends up meeting a young woman named Wei Young who is being mistreated and used as a servant. They become friends, however it turns out that Wei Young is from the family who destroyed the Princesses family. Even so that family treats Wei Young badly because she is a daughter from a servant and the legal wife has claimed she is a jinx when in reality a fortune teller said she would get in the way of her own daughters rise to power. She sends assassins to get rid of her and the Princess agrees to take her place when servants come to fetch her home. Since she was gone so long no one would realize they were switched an the Princess could get her revenge. This Chinese drama looks really good so far. We have a story where the real culprit in harming Wei Young and the  princesses family is the Prime Minister's legal wife. She wants her real children to be able to grasp power and to do so she is willing to do whatever it takes. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Life Plan A or B
Simulcast on Drama Fever

This is about a young career woman from Taipei who needs to make a big life choice: Does she choose her career? Or does she give up her dreams to stay and help her boyfriend take care of his ailing parents. We see two different possible paths that branch off from that critical choice. At first I was confused because there wasn't a good boundary from one to the other so I was like wait didn't she decide to leave? But what we have is both paths. Which path will lead her to happiness? Personally I didn't enjoy this.

The Legend of the Blue Sea
Simulcast on Viki

A mermaid from the Joseon period was saved by the new village head after being captured by a corrupt official. In modern times mermaids now live in the Mediterranean sea and after encountering something strange she meets a conman who looks just like the man who saved her long ago. He on the other hand finds himself unable to steal her bracelet and run away. They find themselves chased by the hired goons of a woman he cheated out of money and they end up diving into the sea.There are some really funny parts, for instance when she kicks the gangsters butts. Shes has some super strength. This looks light hearted and fun.  I have hopes that this is going to be interesting.

Behind Your Smile
Simulcast on Viki

From the first two episodes I thought this was a series about a man who wanted revenge on the business woman Lin Man and after destroying her business is out to ruin her daughters life.  However, the description on Viki is that this is the story of a man who is cursed with immortality. He toys with people and is cold and heartless. Then he grows interested in Lin Man's daughter. The opening sequence perfectly represents how I see this show. It is dark and the symbolism is interesting. We see the depiction of a painful love for the young woman and sacrifice.It is like she is trapped in his game. Only a pawn. The opening song is amazingly powerful.

This is not a show with a sweet love story. We have a man deliberately working to make a young woman who has lost everything think the only one she has to turn to is him. He is seducing her by showing up when she most needs help and then treating her coldly after helping her. The first two episodes are vague about who he is and what his true plan is. We only get hints and it is certain from what his driver says that this is not the first time he has ruined someone. Around his target we only see people who are out to hurt her or seems suspicious. We see protesters beat her and steal her things. Her old classmate tries to force her into the sex industry. The kind stranger who saves her is really the one who put her family in the situation she is in. And the woman who picks her off the streets seems a bit suspicious as well. I feel like she is not entirely trustworthy for some reason. There are two people who I were truly good to her, the old woman who helped her escape the crowd of protesters and the man who thought she was a victim of domestic violence. According to Viki, the series is roughly based on the tale of Faust. What we have here is possibly a story of redemption for the man who has walked down the path of evil. The kind young woman whose life he has destroyed may be the key to his salvation, and yet he doesn't deserve her.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
Simulcast on Viki

This is a romantic comedy about a college student who has only one thing on her mind, weightlifting. In the past she has won medals. At her school there is a rivalry between the weight lifting club and the rhythmic gymnastics club. When articles of girls clothing starts to disappear Bok Joo mistakenly thinks that Joon Hyung is the culprit. But after finding the real culprit she discovers that he is actually her elementary school classmate. He is having troubles of his own. He is in the swimming club and is having some troubles. His older cousin also meets Bok Joo on a rainy day and treats her like a woman and she becomes interested in him. It looks like weightlifting isn't going to be the only thing in her future. This might not be the best show ever, but it is interesting to see a female character who is into a sport that is different then what we usually see. She also isn't thin, though that may change later. This could be interesting or it could  prove to be annoying depending on how it is done.

Oh My Geum Bi
Simulcast on Viki and Drama Fever

I have no doubts that this show is going to make me cry. Geum Bi is a young girl who was living with her aunt. One day she comes home from school and finds her aunt gone and just a bag packed for her. So she goes to the place her aunt told her to go if something happened to her which is where her father lives. It turns out her dad is a conman and is in jail. However, his partners decide to get him out they just need to go to court and say that as her legal guardian he should be released so as to raise her. And this goes well except he is not really thrilled about having a kid to take care of . He has been with so many woman and he has no idea who her mother is or if she is really his kid. He wants nothing more than to send her to an orphanage. This guy is the worst father ever. He takes her to a restaurant even though he has no money to pay and wants her to fake being sick but she refuses. Instead she takes her pack of Tarot cards and goes up to a table where she tells a woman her fortune and receives some money to pay for the meal. She ends up meeting the woman again and the two become close. Her dad also likes the woman but he is unaware that his partners are planning to con her. And thanks to Geum Bi the evil plan is foiled though new ones are being cooked up even if her dad doesn't want to hurt this woman. According to the write ups on the series this series deals with childhood Alzheimers. The writers had read  an article about the illness and decided to write a show about it. This show is going to be about a man who is a scumbag but by caring for his sick child and finding a woman he likes he is going to find the right path.  Considering the gravity of the subject matter I am expecting this to be tragic. Even though Geum Bi will be slowing degrading due to her illness, the outcome will be positive because she is her fathers salvation.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Fall 2016 Simulcast part IV: witches, stepdad, crime, trust, rivalry, magic, blood, paranormal, sorrow, magic

Between School work and an ongoing illness I have been working on trying to get up to date on the new series. I still have a ways to go. Plus there are new kdramas starting up. Hopefully I will be caught up soon.

Brave Witches
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Here is yet another alternate world set in the time period of WWII. This time we have an unearthly enemy who takes over most of Europe called the Neuroi instead of the Nazi's. Only witches and magic girls are able to pilot the new weapons that can fight against this enemy. Hikari is a young magic girl who lives in her amazing sisters shadow. Everyone knows her hero sister while she is seen as a failure. However, after volunteering to test to go fight in Europe she ends up displaying her true talent and heading to Europe to fight with her sister. The only thing is that the series felt more genki then I expect a series about war to feel like in the first episode. Compared to Izetta, I don't think this is as good. However, I have only watched the first episode so far.

The Man Living in Our House
Simulcast on Viki

This looks like it will be good. This is the story of a flight attendant who has had a hard time recently. The day her boyfriend proposed to her was also the day her mother died. After that her boyfriend started growing distant.Then one day she sees him with one of her younger coworkers. She ends up getting drunk and going back to her family home where she lived with her mom. That's where she meets a young man who claims to be her step father. In fact she learns he has been married to her mom for a year. Is he just a conman who seduced her mother for her money or is there something more going on here. From what I can see this guy really cares about her and seems to want to protect her. Why did he marry her mom? There seems to be some kind of secret involved. I look forward to seeing more of this.

When a Snail Falls in Love
Simulcast on Viki and Drama fever

This is a crime drama that takes place in China. We have a seasoned criminal investigation police officer and the new rookie profiler slowly falling in love. At first he looks down on her because she is a psychology major and thinks she has nothing to offer the department. However, as he watches her on the job he comes to see how talented she is as well as becoming attracted to her. So we have a love story set at the police station and then they get a serial killer to investigate. If I liked crime drama this might be good. However, I am not a fan of crime drama even if I did like Signal and Erased. I am a time travel fan so those two were appealing to me. This series however, is not a time travel series, it is just a crime drama with some romance. So not something I am interested in pursing.

My wife is Having an Affair this Week
Simulcast on Viki and Drama Fever

This is about a tv producer who is having the worst luck. His program has just been canceled and he is forced to inform the star. Then when he gets home he accidentally sees a text on his wife's phone from someone named Micheal saying that they booked a hotel room. He starts being suspicious of his wife. Also, he has to come up with a new show and one theme that comes up is adultery. What we have is a series about a man who thought he had the perfect wife and then all his trust disappears when he sees the text message and he goes online to get advice. Now he will do anything to find out the truth. Personally this doesn't sound like a great series to me. If the wife is cheating that is terrible because marriage is a partnership you shouldn't betray. If he is misunderstanding something what we have is a man who failed to trust his wife when she was loyal to him. Either way someone is doing wrong here. It is a romantic comedy but the subject matter is distasteful in my opinion.

Simulcast on Viki

What we have is the story of a reporter and the bodyguard who always gets in her way. The two keep meeting and arguing and one day they end up stranded on a deserted island together. While on the island their feelings for each other grow and now they have been rescued they are trying to develop their relationship and do their jobs. Then we also have another reporter who was going to be married but on the wedding day the groom ran away so she has the best man stand in for the groom. It turns out he is someone who she used to know when they were younger but she doesn't recognize him. Since she doesn't want to inherit the family business she has him continue to pretend to be her husband but he really does care for her. I think this is pretty silly in many ways but it is a lot of fun.

Magical Girl Raising Project
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Koyuki likes to play a magic girl rpg on her smartphone. There are rumors that one in a thousand players actually get to become a real magic girl. Even though she doesn't believe the rumors, Koyuki has always wanted to be a magic girl and she sees the game as a way to pretend that she is one. But the rumor turns out to be true and she is chosen to become the Magic Girl Snow White. She finds out that her friend from middle school, Souta, is also a magic girl and they decide to team up. Things are looking bright when all of a sudden the mascot character from the game tells them that he needs to halve their number since 16 is to many to support the mana given off by the land. They are told whoever has the least number of magic candies by the end of the week will be dropped from their numbers. The way to earn them is to do good deeds. Magic girls might not be able to be hurt by others but apparently other magic girls can harm them. What they don't realize is the 8 who are no longer going to be magic girls aren't just losing their powers but also their lives. This looks like it is going to be one of those dark magic girl series. Especially, with that bloody scene  at the start of the first episode. I done right this could be a really great series like Madoka Magica. So far it looks good. We have the unsuspecting magic girls not realizing what fate awaits them and a mysterious game mascot who seems innocent but really is sinister. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

Simulcast on Crunchyroll

After an unknown virus swept the globe a drug was produced to stop it. Unfortunately, it had the effect of turning some people into Bloodivores. They were discriminated against and forced to wear special GPS collars. Mi LIu is the son of a human and a Bloodivore, the child of Peace. He and his friends decide to rob a bank. The four are arrested and then they learn that someone killed the 15 people in the bank and they are being framed for it. They are sentenced to death. After facing a firing squad they find themselves in a mysterious facility where they must fight to survive. This looks pretty dark. There are a lot of questions to be  answered here. Why did these teenagers rob the bank? What is going on with Mi Liu's family? What is really going on here? I have to say the first episoe makes me want to watch more to see what the answer to those questions is.

Occult; Nine
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Yuta runs a blog where he refutes various paranormal claims and trys to get money from the ads on the site. He doesn't believe in the occult. However, everything is about to change for him when he stumbles upon the body of a murdered man he wanted to interview. This actually doesn't look like something I would enjoy. I really don't like how there are some girls whose busts look way to large. Plus I didn't like the pacing of the first episode or even the story premise.

March Comes Like a Lion
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Rei is a 17 year old professional shougi player. His parents died when he was a child and now he is just a sad and lonely young man. However, three sisters who also lost their parents are bringing light back into his life by making him a part of their lives. This is a slice of life series and is pretty slow. It does a good job of letting us know just how much the main character is suffering emotionally. It isn't a very exciting series but it seems like it will be one to tug at your heart strings. This looks like it could be very good.

Magic-kyun Renaissance
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Okay so this series is about a girl who transfers into a magic arts school. Her mom used to attend that high school so she wants to follow in her moms footsteps. She sees so many impressive students with their magical sparkles, but the ones she think are prettiest are those of the campus king, Ichijou Teika. With his encouragement she is able to release her own sparkles. However, while in class her first day he learns whose daughter she is and declares they are enemies. This totally feels like it should be an otome game. It is a reverse harem and there are lots of handsome guys who are looking like they are ready to fall in love with her. If you like otome games this will be fun. If not you should pass.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall 2016 Simulcast part III: Idols, Idiots, war, anime, warriors, tanuki

I am still working to catch up but here are a few more titles I finally managed to check out atound my school work.

Dream Festival
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

This is yet another idol anime. You have an ordinary high school guy who is scouted to be an idol and he gets a rival. It is over the top. He does have this charismatic sparkly aura around him. But really this doesn't feel very special to me. It seems cliched

Simulcast on crunchyroll

This one is a comedy that takes place in supposedly a top security prison no one has ever escaped from. However, the inmates from cell 13 have a 100% success rate from their past prisons. Now they are attempting to escape from Nanba. They don't seem to bright but they seem to have a lot of luck in by passing various traps. Will they be able to escape or will they end up back in their cells. This is a brightly colored and ridiculous series. Why was the prison so sparkly. I might have enjoyed this when I was a lot younger but at this time the humor is just not enough to keep me interested.

 Izetta the Witch
simulcast on crunchyroll

This is the first anime I have watched from the season to impress me. The animation and music is beautiful. The scene with Lady Fine and her corgi following the orbs of light and then seeing another girl, Izetta,  floating by the dock surrounded by them was gorgeous. The story is interesting as well. We have Princess Fine,  from a small country, who has escaped to a neutral country. However, even here she finds her enemies are pursuing her. Her country is on the brink of invasion from Germania and she is trying to meet with the ambassador from Britannia. However she is too late to save her country and is captured. It turns out that Izetta who is a witch was also captured by the Germanian military. Together they escape and together they will work to save their country. The setting is the 1940's. However, this is an alternate world Germany being Germania a powerful dictatorship with evil ambitions. This pretty much is World War II. In fact they even  show us a map of Europe. The news reels in black and white giving the background history feel very similar to what was going on in Europe in our real history. I really enjoyed this. I have absolutely no complaints with the first episode and look forward to more.

Girlish Number
Simulcast on crunchyroll

Chitose is a rookie voice actor. She is still new in the buisness and is not very popular. She doesn't fully understand how rottan the buisness is and gives her manager a lot of headaches while getting looked down on by her fellow voice actors. Now she has a chance for a the main role in a series since the guys in charge want a new instant idol to be the main charachter in the light novel series they are animating. Things seem a bit shady but she is thrilled to get this chance after only having small roles before. this actually looks good. It feels like we are going to be looking at something a bit different then your usual idol drama.

Simulcast on crunchyroll

Shimizu Toyahisa longs to return ho.e to satsuma. After being injured in battle he is transported to another world. Where he finds Oda Nobunaga and another warrior from the past. However, they aren't the only drifters, there are other warriors from other times and places from earth who have been brought to this place. Apparently two beings are having a battle by summoning warriors to fight: Drifters and Ends. But who will win in the? The light or tge dark? The first thing I noticed was that this starts at the battle of sekigahara, which played a big role in how Tokugawa Ieyasu treated the different daimyo and their retainers. The color palate in the battle scene has very little color. Mostly greys and browns making any bright colors like red stand out even more when they appear. There is a lot of blood. It has some out of place humor injected from time to time. This looks like it might be a bit to much for me with the violence but it looks interesting. plus I don't like the characthers eyes.

Poco's Udon World
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Souta has returned to his hometown to take care of cleaning his fathers things after his father passed away. At the old  resturant he meets a mysterious child. He thinks this is a lost child but it turns out it is a transformed Tanuki. This series lioks really cute so far. I like how we see Souta's memories interspersed into the present.  It isn't exciting but it looks like it will be fun and heartwarming. The opening song especially supports this idea of the two becoming close. Watching this made me happy.  I get the same kind of feeling from this show as I do from Natsume no Yujincho.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall 2016 Simulcast part II: Arrogance, Bodyguard, shopping, law, design

So I am way behind on watching new series due to being ill and school work. But I have managed to check a few titles out  in my study breaks this last week. I will be checking more out soon.

One Percent of Something
Simulcast of Drama fever

This is a remake of an older drama called One Percent of Anything. You can watch both series on Drama Fever. You can see there are similarities and differences in the scripts. Basically the story is about a kindhearted teacher who helps an old man. The old man just happens to be a wealthy man with an ill tempered grandson. He decides that in order to reform his grandson he is going to write his will saying that he is leaving the teacher his money and to get it his grandson needs to marry her or whoever she marries will get the fortune. The grandson and the teacher though find that they do not like each other much. But they enter into a contract relationship to date for 6 months. It seems like it could be a lot of fun.

The K2
Simulcast on Drama Fever

I am going to admit that first trailer I saw for the series made me not to excited about the series. But when i finally got around to watching it this weekend I was like Wow this is awesome. And looking the 3rd trailer does the best job of describing what this series is about.

What we have here is an absolutely fascinating action kdrama. We have an excellent cast, a great soundtrack, exciting action scenes, and thrilling political drama. This is no cute romantic comedy. This is a serious action series about a man who is framed for the death of his fiancee and while on the run finds someone he wants to protect as well as an evil person who is a common enemy of the one who ruined his life. This is a tale of revenge and love. I am really excited to see the rest of this series.

Shopping King Louie
Simulcast on Viki

This is about a spoiled and sheltered chaebol who is a shopaholic. At 25 he is pretty immature and has no friends. His hobby though is shopping. He has an ability to pick out rare and limited edition items saying that they speak to him. After his parents died when he was young his grandma sent him to live in France since a fortune teller told her that she is extremely unlucky and that if she wanted him to live a long life to keep him far away from her. While watching a documentary on people who live in remote areas in Korea he becomes enchanted with the girl showing the cameraman around. The girl lives with her grandmother and brother in the mountains and gathers edible plants. After the show was filmed though her younger brother ran away and her grandmother became ill.One day she finds an old ginseng root and when she gets home to give it to her grandmother she finds the old woman has passed away. On her way to Seoul to find her brother she is robbed. So all she has left is the 50 year ginseng. She sees someone at the station who looks like he could buy it and stops him. He agrees to take it for a deposit and find out if it is real and then give her the rest. He happens to be the director of the shopping mall run by Louie's family and his mom wants him married. His mom even went to a fortune teller. Apparently he will meet his fate soon, a man and a woman will be coming from far away. When Louie's grandmother becomes sick she informs the rest of the family she intends to leave Gold Group to Louie and not the ones who lived in Korea and worked for the company. Louie returned to Korea on hearing his grandmother was ill. On the way he gets in a car accident and loses his memory. He then meets the girl Bok Sil. Since it looks like he is wearing her brother's clothing she decides to take care of him in case he gets his memory back and can help her instead of letting the police send him to a facility. So now his family thinks he is dead. This romantic comedy at first I found annoying because Louie is very childish. But as the first episode went on I became more interested and the second episode was even better. It looks like it will be zany and fun.

Woman With the Suitcase
Simulcast on Viki

This is about a brilliant paralegal who has the ability to be a top notch attorney but failed the bar 5 times because of test anxiety. After taking on a case that involves a hidden conspiracy she is sent to prison for violating the law and over stepping her boundaries into the job of an attorney. She loses everything: job, husband, home, and reputation. However, there is one person who wants to help her not only once more become successful but to help her become an attorney. That person is a former prosecutor turned paparazzi. He had been involved with a similar case in the past which caused him to leave his career behind. This series seems to be pretty good. We have corruption in the law system, as well as someone who even with a set back is working hard to survive. Even though the paparazzi seems like he shouldn't care about what happens to this woman we learn that this is a man with a heart. Even when he knows some information he doesn't always reveal it if it will harm someone. He is an interesting character who is still haunted by that last case he handled as a prosecutor and he has been investigating the case that sent the paralegal to prison in secret.  Both cases are related but can they get justice for the people who were harmed to cover up this crime perpetrated by someone who is rich and connected. I am really enjoying this so far.

Customized Love
Simulcast on Viki

This is another series about a woman whose career is ruined. This time it is  an up and coming designer who suddenly finds herself robbed of her money and her client. Now she can't pay the bills for her shop so she is forced to close the business. As she struggles to make her ends meet she keeps meeting a mechanic who is a former race car driver. Even though they have a bad start apparently they are going to fall in love  and she is going to try to force him to fit into her unrealistic list of expectations. I haven't gotten to that part yet but the series description claims this is what the series is about. I am not really sure about this series yet. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fall 2016 simulcast part 1: politics, mortality, suits, loser, drinking

Now that I am finished with PAX, it is time to watch some new shows. So we are in the last weeks of summer so the new shows will be going into the fall and so far they look good.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Simulcast on Dramafever

This remake of a chinese series is set at the beging of the Goryeo dynasty just like Shine or Go Crazy. In fact the series have the same charachters. King Taejo had many sons and they were caught in a battle for succession. The series is about a woman whose boyfriend cheats on her. While being upset she saves a boys life only to find herself in danger. She finds herself transported back to the Goryo period in the body of a previous incarnation. Where she finds herself between brothers who ate in love with her. Can she change their tragic fates. The series is really interesting. I like it better than the original series. Lee Jun Ki is always amazing in his acting and his action scenes. The man is georgous and the fact he does his own fight scenes is cool. I have to say this is the datkest role I have seen him in and he is doing a good job.

Simulcast on Dramafever

A script writer finds she has 6 months to live while working on a drama with a lead actor who she hates. He is a bad actor and they have a complicated past. Yet as her life is coming to an end they find love. Her friend on the otherhand sees herself becoming a trophy wife for a politicion. He is cheating on her and since she can't have childern her in laws are mistreating her. She is trapped in a baf position. So far most of the charachters in this drama are misrable. The cancer doctor is a very positive man. He was dignosed with lung cancer and he is doing his best to help her to see the beauty and joy in what time she has left. This looks like it will be pretty sad.

Laural Tree Tailors
Simulcast on Viki

Revolves around a taylor shop called the Laural Tree tailors. It is about an old man whose shop is having trouble and his son only cares about working at his wife's familly company. When his health starts to fail as well he decides to run away telling his family to sell the shop as he can't bear too. It appears that his son'in laws might have done something to the buisness. Not only that but the sons mother in law and brother in law have used underhanded means to take over the company. So the son is told if he can't get it back he is getting a divorse. The series actually looks pretty funny. A washed up idol plays a breakup song at a wedding then the cops bust in and you get a police chase with the idol chasing behind for his pay. The series isn't the most exciting and looks a bit slow but it looks pretty interesting. I am going to guess that the son is going to end up dovorsed and the messed up wedding's bride is going to end up with him. They keep running into each other and she is a worker in the shop. Plus her exgangster groom isn't looking to be on the straight and narrow like he promised.

Our Gab Soon
Simulcast on Viki and Dramafever

Gab Soon and Gab Dol have been dating for a long time. Gab Soon has been supporting her looser boyfriend for a long time as he studies for the civil service examn. After a fight over him treating her badly and her loosing her job they break up only to find that he really cares for her and regrets taking her for granted. Personnally I think the writing is bad for this series. I feel like the first episode just jumped from one group of people to the next. It didn't do a good job of even making me care about any of these people. I felt like it was a chire to get through one episode. I also was disgusted with how Gab Dal treated Gab Soon. He treating her coldly and even cheating on her. He used her and had her buy a lot of things for her. He is the worst. I was not impressed. I felt that Gab Soon was a fool letting him take advantage of her like that.

Let's Drink
Simulcast on Drama Fever

Thos actually was pretty good. It is about a prep school teacher whose school goes under and is hired at an academy who has just hired a prep academy star teacher. The guy is stuck up and looks down on others. And he is really looking down on this young woman who didn't go to a good school and doesn't even have a teachers certificate. He also keeps seeing her in situations where she is sucking up to people. Then when she throws a rumor in his face about him not being a Soeul University graduate he dislikes her even more. He then shows proof he is a alumni and won't forgive her. The series is filmed very well. I especially like how the drinking scenes are filmed. The beauty of the drink as it fills the glass, the food sizziling on the grill. It is a scene that is beatiful and makes you want to be partaking of it. The pacing of the story and dialouge is interesting. Seeing the contrast between the charachters drinking in social situations where you have to act a certain way contrasted with drinking by yourself and being free to relax or deal with negative feelings is interesting. I think the writer and director did a good job of making you care about the charachters and want to see what happens next.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer 2016 Simulcast Part IV: age, curses, position, love, eunuchs, online, news

The late summer dramas are starting. I know I am a bit late starting the first few. More will be starting in the next week.

Love by Design
Simulcast by Viki

This is a remake of the Korean drama Baby Faced Beauty. It is about a woman in her 30's who looses her long time job at a textiles factory only to find her age is a problem in getting a new one. So she pretends to be her 25 year old sister and ends up getting a job at a fashion company. I feel the chinese remake doesn't have the charm of the original. It is cheesier and the acting isn't as good.

My Little Princess
Simulcast on Viki

This is about a girl who seems to have everything. She is the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy man. He passed away without any other children so she is seen as a legitimate heir. His widow has decided she is going to marry another wealthy families son, but he hates her. She seems to think she has a curse where everyone she likes dislikes her. At the party where her fiance returned home she mistook hos senior from college for him and he even saves her from drowning in the pool when she is rejected. Even though she wants to win her fiancees heart and then crush it for revenge she keeps running into his senior. It could be he is her prince. It seems pretty cute and silly. I found it interesting that we get her backstory as if it were a fairy tale.  Plus some of the situations she gets into are hilarious, for instance running away from gangsters with a guy dressed up in a cute angel bear costume. Over all this looks like fun.

Cinderella and Four Knights
Simulcast on Drama Fever

Ha Win is a senior in high School. She lives with her step mother and step sister while her father travels the country working as a long haul truck driver. She is treated as an out cast and in order to earn her college tuition she works a lot of part time jobs. She just needs a bit more and she has enough for her first year. That is when she discovers her moms place at the charnal house hasn't been paid and the amount owed is 5 million won. Which is about as much as she has saved. So she decides to take a job as a rich guys date to a wedding. Only to find herself in the middle of a childish plot to mess up the guys grandfathers 5th wedding. Instead of causing problems she shows the grandfather she is upright and the solution to his problem with his grandsons. The grandfather tracks her down and offers her a live in job to reform the young men and when she is kicked out of her home after learning she isn't even her fathers child she accepts the challenge. The only thing is dating is not allowed. This looks cute. It has been touted as being similar to Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango), since you have rich guys and a poor girl. Though i doubt any of these guys are any where as nasty and mean as the boys of f4. Personally i found the kdrama version of Hana Yori Dango off putting even though it is pretty popular. So far I believe that the grandsons here are not at that level. I think that what is going on here is each one is having emotional issues. You have 3 young men thrown together who didn't know of each others existence prior, and it doesn't look like they are given much besides money. There is a lack of affection here. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Second to Last Love
Simulcast on Drama Fever and Viki

This series seems to focus around two individuals whose relationship starts off rocky. We have a career woman who produces dramas. She is in her 40's and has never married. It seems though something may have occurred in her past causing her to give up on love. Then we have a man in his 40's who has also given up on love along with his dreams. He became a Civil Servant after giving up his dreams to support his family. Apparently his wife died in some kind of accident and his family is the most important thing to him. These twos lives have become entangled through work and the fact that she moved in next door. As they interact it seems like they are starting to see each others good points, even if she has a much younger man pursuing her as well. The way it is set up I would say it is obvious the younger man has no chances. I think this will be a story of two individuals who were previously hurt when it comes to love opening their hearts and finding love again.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
Simulcast on Viki

This is about a young woman who is living as man.Her foster father is sick and in debt and wants her to leave him so she can live her own life.  She helps people with love problems and even writes love letters for them to earn money. She writes a letter for a noble man and when he gets a response he pays her to take him place to meet her because she is someone he shouldn't love. But instead of the target of the letter she meets her brother, the crown prince. She thinks though that the reason it was forbidden was the target was a man. After leaving him in a ditch when he wants to prove her identity she finds she is wanted for helping someone's daughter in law elope. She then finds herself kidnapped and sold to the palace to be a eunuch. That is where she once again meets the crown prince, who is keeping his identity from her. Even though she is trying to fail the test to be a eunuch so she can get out the prince does everything he can to make sure she stays. This drama looks like it could be fun. You have the funny exchange based on misunderstandings and there is also political drama as people struggle to gain power. If done right this could be good. This is going to be a cross dressing love story. It should be a lot of fun.

Love 020 
Simulcast on Drama Fever

This Chinese drama is based off a novel about a couple who fall in love in a mmorpg. It is about a smart young woman who is attending an university in Beijing. She is majoring in computer science and she loves games. Since she won't share her photo online everyone thinks she is not really a girl and her partner in the game dumps her and ends up with the girl voted prettiest in the game. After watching their wedding procession in the game she is approached by the number one male player asking her if she would like to become his partner and having an even grander ceremony. She agrees since the first time she partnered up to have someone to quest with now shouldn't be any different. What she doesn't know is a student at her school and in the same department. A very well known student who she even admires. He also seems to be very aware of her identity from the start. One thing that I liked was the fact that the series mentions how online games help people with disabilities. There is actually a great deal of research available to read about the positive impact that the internet has had on people who suffer from autism, anxiety and mobility type disabilities. I liked that the main character finds her dream by interacting with the disabled boy she tutors as well as the fact that her dream is to make a game to help others who are limited by disability be able to expand their worlds. What we have is a tale of two people who fall in love after meeting in a game. A very modern and nerdy romance. So far I really like this.

Jealousy incarnate
Simulcast on Drama Fever

So this is about a really unlikable new announcer with complicated family issues. After reporting his brothers unethical business practices and incurring the wrath of his brothers women, who are also announcers, he runs away to be a foreign corespondent in Bangkok. Now he is back in Korea and meets once again a weather girl who has had a long time crush on him. She is convinced he has breast cancer and should get checked after accidentally touching his chest. He just finds her annoying. However, it looks like she might be right. On the other hand the weather girl is having her own troubles being stuck in a thankless job and treated with scorn. After her junior gets her drunk before she is supposed to film she gets herself into trouble. Now she says she isn't interested him he seems to be feeling something. This one seems to be slow in the beginning and complicated. On one hand we have a man who is estranged from his family.  Then we have unfairness in the work place. Third we have the love triangle. Could be interesting or boring depending on the direction it takes.