Friday, September 30, 2011


Ok so i decided to start a blog. I'll just write whatever madness i decide to. Why did I call my blog Nyaa! Because I couldn't think of anything cool. Plus I love cats and nya is how you say Meow in Japan. So thats what i decided to go with. I am after all a crazy cat loving nerd.

Lots of intresting games are coming out. I'm really excited about the upcoming release of Atlier Totori and Fate/Extra. I recived the shipping email on the first one so that should arrive soon. Though Alas i shan't be able to play it since I no longer have access to a PS3. But I did love the previous game in the Series Atlier Rorona. It's charming in a sweet way. With a good amount of humor. Not the most exciting game but with the time constraints Rorona was a bit annoying at times. However, the game won me over with its beautiful art, fun charachters, and charming story. From the reviews on RPG fan and RPGamer Atlier Totori has been improved so the time is mangaed better. I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully i'll be able to get a PS3 in December or January so I can play my pile of PS3 games.

Fate/Extra I'm also looking forward to. I really enjoy the art style Type/Moon uses in their work. Though I have no intrest in playing the original Fate/Stay Night game since its an eroge and I'm not intrested in Erotic games, I love the anime. So i'm really intrested in Fate/Extra. I also purchased Fate/Unlimited Coded for my PSP however I haven't played it much since my repetitive motion injury made it kind of painful to manuver the charachters in a fight game. And I can't do the one handed gaming trick with that game. It might work with FFXIII and other RPG's but fighting games no. heh

But yes I am indeed a nerd. My website has acedemic work on it and perhaps i'll put some here. We'll see.