Monday, October 3, 2011

Ame ga daisuki!

It always amazes me how many people who live in the state of Washington are always complaining about the rain. It is the Pacific northwest and its nice and lush and green with forests. In order to keep those lovely forests you have to have the percipitation otherwise you would have what you have in souther california, lots of brown ugly hills.  Not my cup of tea. Southern California is hot and ugly and it doesn't rain that much. So if the people here hate the rain they should do like i did but the opposite: they should move to southern california and enjoy the sun. I personally hate the sunny bright weather and thus I first moved to lovely Northern California and then on to Washington. I love the rain and the beautiful green forests. The air is cleaner since there are more plants and the rain is constantly washing the polutants from the air. Also it kind of reminds me of when i was a small child and lived in Wales. Personally i think if you hate the weaher where you live and your not in the millitary you should be able to change your location to a place that suits you more rather then go OH NO IT's RAINING AGAIN!!! Ok now I'm going to enjoy the lovely rain.