Sunday, October 2, 2011

And they call her Venus the godess of Love

So yesterday i picked up a copy of Code Name Sailor V, I got that one instead of Sailormoon since I haven't read all of Sailor V previously. Now the Sailormoon volumes actually have the same cover art as the newly released special editions released in Japan the past year. Which are very lovely. Sailor V takes place prior to the events in Sailormoon following the adventures of Aino Minako, who we all know is Sailor Veunus in Sailormoon. She is a glutonous, lazy, yet athletic girl who loves games. One day she decided to confess to her sempai but this mysterious white talking cat keeps getting in her way. He tells her that she has been chosen to be Sailor V and fight evil.

Kodansha does a fairly good job. The translation is nice. The cover and the color pages are nice. The paper quality inside after the color pages isn't really that great. But besids that i'm happy with the book. I'm glad that this series was finally brought to the US.

Sailormoon was the first anime I saw that i saaw as being an anime. Considering I was a kid in the 80's watching things like Voltron, Transformers, and GI Joe, which of course are anime but I didn't realize it until much much later. There were so many types of animation on afternoon and saturday cartoon spots that those story types seemed normal to me. But Sailor moon is vastly differnt from those titles. For one thing it's a magic girl shoujo. Sure you still have heros fighting evil but the story telling is extremely differnt form the shonen titles I saw in the 80's. Shoujo has a differnt feel and look. I'll admit I saw the anime for sailormoon totally out of order. The series started on tv when i was in high school in a time slot where I was in class. There was no way for me to watch it unless I was home sick or had a holiday. So I saw an episode here and there. My impression was that it was a bizarre show but facisnating in a way. When at college I was able to see quite a bit more. It was shown on USA for a while and then on Toonami. Though I still missed because of classes and never really saw the episodes in order ever. My friend Clare introduced me to manga. She had the Japanese release of sailormoon and lent it to me to look at, since at the time i couldn't read Japanese, and i found it to be beautiful. Then i found the Mixx comix release of Sailor moon. I had some on the single chapter relases and a few of the volumes. The graphic novel release was on better paper, but the pages were cut off on the edges in the dialouge bubbles in places. I ended up giving my sailormoon manga to a big sailormoon fan since i thought they would appreciate it.  Though I think i'll be buying Kodanshas rerelease when i'm able to. The manga is much better then the anime. And very beautiful.

But Sailormoon and Sailor V, might not be the best shoujo manga out there, but its definetly a fun read. Silliness and seriousness mixed together with charming art.