Saturday, October 15, 2011

Are they out to tourture us or what?

So today i was talking to Jessica when she brought up a good point. "Do the game developers actuallly play the games to see how annoying something is before selling it?" It's true. The World ends with you has very few songs that play as you walk around and fight battles, though as you progress from one day to the next more are added, but for the first part of the game you pretty much hear the same songs over and over and over again till its stuck in your head for a week. Not that the sound track is bad but its annoying. Then in Birth by Sleep the way to level up your attacks is an annoying mini game which reminds me of a board game. Sorry to say but I hate board games with a passion. Yet in Birth by Sleep you need to spend hours and hours on the command board leveling your attacks up or you'll be in trouble. It's tedious and annoying. Then in Xenosaga 2 there is one mission where you have to pay off this debt but the problem is its not easy to get currency in this game so it takes forever to do if you have the patience. Then lets get Atellier Rorona, the time element on the game along with balencing your alchemy, mission, relationships, adventuring and reputation in town is extremely stressful. Considering everything you do subtracks from your days you have to manage your time properly and that can be very very tedious thank goodness in the next game they made it less stressful. There are so many games where they put in tedious exercise for players or add in annoying elements. Sure I love the games I mentioned above but they are definetly in no ways perfect. Maybe the developers do know they are annoying elements or maybe they themselves think those are fun. Who knows. All I can say is annoying elemnts or not I'm glad I bought the games.