Sunday, October 2, 2011

Destiny is cruel

So today i watched the first episode of Fate/Zero. Recentally I rewatched Fate/Stay Night and I'm looking forward to the upcoming US release of Fate/extra on PSP. Nico Nico Douga's streaming each episode for 1 week only each. The first episode was 47 minutes long and was very intresting. Having only seen the priorly released anime was a bit surprized at some of the relationship connections revealed in the first episode but come to think of it there were hints in Fate/stay night. It was just not clearly stated. The first episode only was the set up for the series. Giving background information and ending with the summoning of the servants. The animation was crisp and beautiful with Type moons famillar charachter designs. The music was also fitting.. The onl thing is Nico Nico's typical stream of dialoge from users was a bit distracting and sometimes had spoilers as well as inappropriate comments. But if you can get around that its a good watch. I'm looking forward to the next episode