Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's so dang pretty!

So yesterday I recieved my copy of the Limited edition Bundle of Atellier Totori. First off I have to say I can't play the game yet since I don't have a PS3, but my sister said she would help me get one as my christmas present. So in December or Janauary i will.  Now the bundle is really nice. It comes with an art book and the soundtrack. The previous Arland game Atellier Rorona only came with an art book. However that art book was hard cover and twice the size. The amount of pages was the same though. Totori's art book is soft cover and its about the same size as the game guide maybe a little bigger. Part of the text is in Japanese inside around the charachter sketches, its so tiny though its hard to read or else I would see how much i could understand. The soundtrack on the other hand is really lovely. It has the same type of feel as the other Atellier, and Ar Tonellico games i've played with a eastern and western style mix. The track that stood out most for me though was a beautiful poignant piece called Emotions and Memories. It was a lovely piano piece. I have to say i'm really happy with the extras even if the art books for the two games don't look good next to each other heh I'm still please. The art is beautiful. The music is fun though with an annoying track or 2 heh. Now I just have to wait so I can play the game.