Friday, October 7, 2011

It's a Wonderful World part 2

So after playing for a few more hours last night I mangaed to get more rank C battles then anything else and bunch of rank a, c, d, e here and there. So I am getting a better hang of it.

One thing I didn't mention before is that you have to do things like shopping, eating, use your cell phone. In fact intresting enough you have in the corner of you screen the time and signal information you would usually have on your cell phone. It's a bit funny though when they are like It's broad daylight and the time states 10pm in the corner since the real time is displayed for where you are, though i have to admit that at that time in Japan it is actually broad daylight. I once made a call there at that time and I believe it was the afternoon when I called. The shopping in intresting too. You go into different shops and as you brouse the items you make friends with the owners who ten reveal secret items or activate special atributes in items for you. There are Lolita shops and all kinds of different shops. Depending on how brave the charachter is you can eqip different clothes items. Shiki is way braver then Neku in this department. heh. The food items are intresting as well. Each food item is so many bites and charachters can eat so many bites a day. You go into say the Ramen shop or the hamburger shop and stock pile food items in your inventory. Then you equip in the food consumption spot what you want them to eat and then while you walk around and fight the noise your charachter digests the items and once digested it effects your stats and charachter synchronization. So you want to make sure to have them eat up.

Overall I have to say this is a strange but fun and intresting game. And yes it is a strange game heh. Strange isn't nessicarily bad.  It's definetly unique and creative. The battle system takes some getting used to but its do able. It's a bit hard on your hands thougth after a while since the brunt of the weight of the system is on one hand and being controled by both hands simultaniously. Definetly a bit on the awkward side. I have small hands and carpel tunnel so after a while my hands start to hurt so can't really play too long.  It's nice that you can save anywhere so as long as you save before a battle you will be fine even if the noise annihlates you so you don't have to go searching for a save point or worry about repeating long sections.

If your looking for something different this is definetly a must. You get a fun game taking place in Japans hip Shibuya shopping district that has an intresting albeit morbid story. heh.