Friday, October 14, 2011


I have to say that the produce in the stores is often disappointing. It's usually underripe and flavorless. Vegtables and fruits are my favorite. Tomatoes are especially are an issue--though the ones my dad and grandpa bring in aren't much better unfortunately why can't they just leave them on the vine to redden up. Tuesday though I was at Fred Myers and I happened across some organic vine rippened tomatoes. Some of them looked kinda ugly but i picked 2 out that looked nice. I have to say those were the best tomatoes I have had in my entire life. They were sweet. They had such a lovely flavor. They complimented my bagel and cream cheese so well. They were also a very very deep red. These weren't your usual grocery store tomatoe. Even the usual vine ripened hothouse tomatoes we usually buy don't hold a candle to these babies. These Tomatoes were the tomatoes of my dreams. I really want to eat them again. I was acctually disappointed this morning when I found there was no more left. Alas. Hopefully i'll be able to find these ones again and convince my mom to buy them. They were so juicy and flavorful that the tomatoe i had with my bagel today was just a pale comparision. That Tomatoe was what tomatoes should be it was delisous.