Monday, October 10, 2011


Rain is really lovely. Not only is it really pretty and peaceful to watch but it cleans the air. Because pollution stays in the troposphere--which is the part of the atmosphere we live in--for the most part--the exception being some clorine from CFC's which can get into the stratasphere--rain cleans the atmosphere up by washing the impurities from the air. Thats why smog problems in southen california are so much worse then what you find in the Pacific Northwest. The rain makes the air fresh and clean. It also makes the plants and trees nice and green. Southern California doesn't have the lush greenery of the Pacific northWest for the reason that it was little rain. Thats why Sothern California has lots of hills of Brown while Washington has lots of lush green Forest. So remember instead of complaining about the rain enjoy it. It cleans the air and greens the plants. heh. =)