Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Twisted Brotherly Love Part 2

So yes its more spoilers

So after reading chapter 29 of Blue Exorcist I thought I should say something else. I did mention how Vincent in Pandora Hearts hates himself I believe because Gilbert has to sacrifice so much for his sake. So much so that he wants to erase his existance. In fact he seeps himself into darkness for Gilberts sake. When he's fighting with Gilbert after he and Leo meet up with Oz, Alice and Gilbert after defecting to the Baskerville side overtly, he even tells Gilbert I did it all for your sake. Even though thats not something that pleases Gilbert. So back to Blue Exocist then, when Yukio is being tempted by the trator who reawakened the impure king Yukio says "I love and hate my brother, but I hate myself the most." He is like Vincent in this. Though Vincent is a pshcopath and Yukio isn't. So both charachters Hate themselves.

Ok so I think this is as far as i can go on this topic for now. Maybe once both mangas end I'll sit down and write out a paper on the subject with refrences and proper quotes. But for now its an intresting topic to contemplate. Will Vincent erase himself? Will Yukio join Vincent on the path of Darkness? All that has yet to be seen. I need to read more of  Blue Exercist. I should see about picking up through vol 7 when I go to Seattle. Hopefully I can go soon. I really wish to see what will happen next and how the charachters will develope. Pandora hearts and Blue Exorsict as well as Nurarihyon no Mago are the three currently running mangas i'm most intrested in at the moment. And it's exciting to see how a good series developes.