Thursday, October 13, 2011

Usagi Drop

So I finally decided to finish reading Usagi Drop. Be warned I'm going to have spoilers. Prior to this i had only read the first chapter. It wasn't exactly the most exciting series. In fact i found it a bit on the boring side. Even so I read it hoping there would be some kind of developement. Once it finished with the elementary school area and skipped to the high school years it started skipping around back and forth to the middle school days. Where everything I had hoped would happen like Daikichi and Kouki's mom getting together and even Kouki and Rin getting together all fell through. Now that in itself would have been ok but the ending was a bit disturbing to me in some ways. When I started out I thought oh this will be the story of a man who takes in and raises a girl and then she grows up and gets married and so on. Sure this accessment was not entirely wrong. However, after Kouki gets tricked and forced to date the evil Akari sempai who then harrasses Rin and Rin's feelings for Kouki change, she starts to have feelings for Daikichi, who she thinks of as a father and who she thinks is her Nephew. After much drama Daikichi even tells her that he will think about it and give her an answer after she graduates high school. And when that happens he gives in totally to her even though he has mixed feelings saying that he can't refuse her anything. I find it a bit disturbing after raiseing her for 12 years he's going to marry her. What is this the tale of Genji? Just a bit more on the innocent side since unlike Genji Daikichi had not intended to make her his bride until kouki and her force the subject on him. Even if they weren't really blood related as it turns out he raised her as if she were his own daughter from the time she was 6. I would have been way happier with the ending if this Daikichi and Rin relationship developement had never happened. Even though you don't even see any kissing between them or anything, just a bit of discussion on the matter I was very displeased and felt it was morally wrong. Also i have to point out what would society think of the? The people around them in town and all know Rin as his daughter or at least that he's her guardian? Doesn't it look like he's a 40 year old man who took advantage of a young girl who was in his charge, even if its not so? Wouldn't he look like a child molester? I could see people looking at him and gossoping about it. In the end I'd say i'm very displeased.