Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vanilla or Chocolate

When i heard about the upcoming localization of Vanilliaware's Grand Knight History i was very excited. Not just because this is a title for the PSP, but because Vanillaware has made other beautiful and intricately told tales.

The first Vanillaware game i played was Odin Sphere, which I admit is my favorite game. Its a 2D side scroller with a very different battle style. The art is absolutely gorgous and the story is extremely intresting and well woven. This is a tale of a world at war. You start off playing the charachter who knows the least about what is going on in the world, a girl who only yearns for her fathers love and finds herself married off to an enemy knight. Once you complete her story you move on to the next charachters, a total of 5. As you play each ones story you learn more and more about what is really going on in the world. The story is a rich tale full of Norse refrences. A beautiful fairy tale world with darkness.

Then there was Muramasa the Demon Blade for Wii. Which is also a 2D side scroller with a similar battle system to the above. And as in the first one you have to have your charachter eat delisous looking foods heh. Actually the food looks so good I went to a japanese resturant and ordered some of the dishes they showed in Muramasa. Muramas takes place in the Edo period during the reign of the 5th shogun, who is known as the Dog Shogun. You have 2 charachters who you can play as. Momohime, a girl possessed by an evil swordsman and Kisuke, a shinobi who has lost his memories. Each charachters stories as before bring new information to the story. You also have multiple endings. Muramas is rich in Japanese mythology. Kisuke and the possessed Momoko interact with Fox Spirits who are servants of Inarimyojin as they search for the Demon Blades. They also come across a variety of Youkai, Ayakashi, and gods. Journying all over japan of the mid 1600'
s and even into the land of the dead, Yomi.

Because I so enjoyed these two previous games I am really looking forward to being able to play Grand Knight History, which has a Medevial setting. I love history, myth, legends, and folklore and Vanillaware has proven to me that they are able to take these elements and weave a beautiful intricate story with intresting charachters and make a great game. The only game I still need to play by them is Grim Grimore, which I plan to also buy in the future. I'm hopeing that they keep creating wonderful games.