Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brawling ove dollar snowglobes is ridiculous

Every year the day that retail workers dread the most comes: Black Friday. Buyers come freanzied because of limited deals and act like maniacs. It's a day when in order to get the best deals people leave their humanity behind. You see people brawling over dollar snowglobes, and even injuring or killing others to get a good deal. Just think back to a few years ago when shoppers at walmart crushed a Walmart Accosiate to death as well as trampling a pregnant women. Or even this year when a Woman Pepper Sprayed others so she could get what she wanted. It's shameful. Every year some atrocity makes it on the news about how people behaved like animals fighting over a piece of meat. I can't believe people take their small children out into stores with things like that happening. Black Friday is called that because the retail workers started calling it that becuase of how the shoppers act that day. It's scary, it's brutal, it's barbaric. I've heard all kinds of horror stories about people fighting over strange things. Personally I think that by offering limited timed deals like say less then 10 big screen tvs for a small price is encourageing people to act like frenzed pirannas going in for a bite. I believe such things should not be allowed since it only causes people to act in dangerous ways. Sure sales are good but Black Friday is a case study on how vile humans can be.