Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's the Christmas season lets spread hate and discontent

Christmas season is here again. Every year though we see the commercialization. lets face it American Christmas has been heavily commercialized as long as all of us can remeber. Since at least the 30's where you get songs like Rudolph the rednose reigndeer coming out of a store campaign. And this commercialization irritates some people so much that they forget what is truely important about the season. Sure buisness's are out to earn a buck but why do you want to make yourself a hypocrit by acting in an unchristian manner simply because others are cuaght up in the brightlights and glamor or a commercialized holiday.  Rather you should set a positive example.

We should do our best to remeber what Christmas is about for Christians instead of getting pissed at what others are doing. Jesus said to love not to hate. If you feel yourself getting irritated at how the holiday is treated you need to go pray. Pray for yourself and pray for everyone else. You should go volenteer or donate to help the needy as well. Just do your best to show what Christmas should be instead of letting what Christmas shouldn't be cause you to be acting in ways you shouldn't.