Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let us Give thanks

Sure our economy is in dire straights. Sure we have a high unemplyment rate. And yes we have people protesting and useing the banks as scapegoats and yes indeed they are scapegoats, when if you look at the evidence which is all public record that the banks only followed laws passed by our governement to give out those risky loans, and the banks also pay a lot of taxs. Bank of America allow payed the federal goverment a billion dollars. While credit Unions paid no taxs since they are nonprofit orginizations. Also Banks do a lot in the community for small buisnesses and charity. I'll write someother time fully on the subject and explain why its the governements fault that the economy is as is and not the banks. At this time I wanted to say that even if things are bad we should still be thankful for what we have.

For instance I have no job, very little money, and I was denied Social Secerity Disability again. I was feeling really depressed after seeing what the judge said in the denial. But then I started thinking that people in my same situation many of them are homeless. My parents luckily are willing to help me out. SO I have a roof over my head, food to eat, a nice warm bed, and many other things people in my situation might not have if they don't have someone who can help them. Heck, I know some parents who have kicked their kids out once they turned 18 and told them to fend for themselves. If my parents were like that I would have ended up on the streets. So I thank God that its not so.

Secondly there are people out there who are way worse off. Yesterday, we met a women who won't be having thanksgiving dinner because her husband had a stroke and is out of work and she only works for tips. Then we saw at the supermarket that there was a cashier who had emergency surgury and had no sick leave or vacation days and her coworkers were taking donations to help her. Aparently she had gone home and had to go bak to the hospital and put on oxygen because of COPD. Then just driving down the street you see people with signs asking for food, work, or money because they have no one to help them. Sure people might say oh they probably are earning tons begging, or they willl just buy liquor, or they are lying. But how do we know thats true. The bible says "When you turn away the least of my brothers your turning away me." If they are lying thats between them and God. If we don't try to help them when they asked and they are in need thats between us and God.

I think that we all need to take a look and find things to be thankful for. No matter how bad things are there is something that we can say you know what things are not so bad. That everything will be ok. And if we can we should reach out to those who need help around us. Feed the hungry, give donations to help those in need. People are starving in towns all over america. Go to your food banks and give a donation and help someone else to have a good holiday season as well.