Sunday, December 11, 2011

The joys of a toy covered tree through the eyes of a cat

Cats are wonderful little inquisitve creatures. And when Christmas season comes all of a sudden they find themselves faced with the ultimate toy!!! A fully decorated Christmas tree. Not only is it a real live tree but it is full of all kinds of goodies. The only thing is they keep getting in trouble for playing with it. heh. I know my famillies cats not only try to play with the ornaments but have even been known to unwrap gifts as well as climb the tree heh. This can be fun or annoying but the thing is that depending on what your cat is doing it can also be a danger. In my familly we do not use tinsle since it can be a danger if one of the kitties desides to eat it. And we try to place the ornaments high enough that they can't reach. We also try to watch them to make sure no one is chewing on electrical cords or anything else they shouldn't. A christmas tree is like a kitty paradise but there are sharks in the water. Or maybe thats stonefish in the sand. Since the items don't attack the cat but vise verca. Christmas is fun and kitties are fun. My 21 year old cat loves to sit under the tree and sniff it. Shes an old house cat whose probley going wow they brought in a nice tree for me. Well lets hope all the cat lovers have a good christmas with their cats. =)