Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's a swinging spring: Anime Season Spring 2012

So I have to say I am pretty happy with the anime being streamed this season. Though there were a few i had to say What the hockey sticks over.

Zetman streamed on is based off an older manga. It's about this young man who discovers that he's not human that he was created by this corperation to hunt monsters called Players who had once been used in fights for the death much like gladiators in rome. But one day they started thinking for themselves and escaped. The Scientist who created the boy said he wanted to raise him as a human and also escaped. He raised the boy Jin as his grandson and they lived on the streets where Jin acted as a hero of justice helping those in need. After 3 episodes I'm very pleased with the series. It's dark and for a mature audience but it's intresting. The main charachter is likiable and in the first 3 episodes it adresses a few themes like what does it mean to be a hero? and the coruption of those with power and money.

Accell World on I believe they said it was based off of some light novel series. This is about a high school Otaku named Haru. He's overweight (though the way he's drawn he's so cute and chubby) and he's bullied at school. The only thing he's good at are games. One day he meets Kuroyukihime (black snow white) and she helps him to change his world. It looks really intresting so far. Though Haru looks like he belongs in a different series then anyone else the animation has a lovely color pallet and an intresting sci-fi premise. Though I'm not sure if it will still be good after 3 episodes.

Kids on the Slope on This series is made by the same people behind Cowboy Bebop and features the wonderful music of Yoko Kanno. The story of a young man who is sent to live with some realtives and ends up making friends with a deliquent and his childhood friend with the help of Jazz music. I loved how they mentioned such things as syncopation and disonant cords. This might not be your exciting shonen series but so far it's a great slice of life series about being passionate about music and human relationships.

Hiro no Kakera on This is based off a otome game. So yeah its a harem romance game with a supernatural touch. It might be a bit formalic and not the best thing to watch but its a nice guilty pleasure with shoujo bubbles. Well maybe there aren't any shoujo bubbles but there are lots of bishonen. There is also some mysteriousness to make it a bit intresting.

Leiji Matsumoto's OZMA on is the first new work in 5 years by leiji Matsumoto. I'm not really a big fan of his art style but it is an intresting work of science fiction. A desert world with subs diving in the sand though reminds me of Xenogears though. And I also think of World Destruction aka Sands of Destruction with this setting as well. However the story itself is very different. It seems there are two types of humans a genetically enhanced race born through cloning repeatedly and the Natura, born the natural way. The queen of the genetically enhanced humans has run away and meets this young man named Sam and both are trying to get to OZMA this giant sentiant being in the desert. It looks pretty intresting.

Sengoku Collection(Parallel World Samurai) on takes historical figures form the warring states period of Japan and turns them into girls who get transported to modern Japan. First of all the clothing they wear is nothing like what people wore at the time. Secondly I was totally baffled when Ieyasu Tokugawa decided she wanted to become a pop idol. Yeah i was not really impressed. They took cool, intresting history and turned it into something lame and stupid. If you want something mindless and fan service then this is for you. If you want something else pass by it.

Mysterious Girlfriend X on has to be the strangest series I've come across in a while. You have a young man who has a weird dream then a transfer student comes to school. Shes really weird and everyone starts to keep their distance. One day he notices she is still sleeping at her desk after school and wakes her to tell her schools over. When she wakes he notices how cute she is and then he licks her drool that she left behind on her desk. He soon becomes ill and doesn't seem to be getting well and it turns out he's addicted to her drool and soon they start walking home together for a daily drool dose. He then realizes he's in love and asks her to date him. It has some mysteries that i'm curious about however, there is something really really revolting about the anime that makes me not even want to go there. In a way it's so disgustingly gross and perverted. After watching the first episode all I said was WHAT THE HOCKEY STICKS DID I JUST WATCH!!

Dusk Madien of Amnesia on is a ghost story but its not scary it's really funny. The first episode starts out and you see this girl so focued and doubting as she talks about the paranormal that she doesn't even notice things floating around her. Then a boy comes in and the converstion is strange but it fits with what the girl is thinking. Everything that happens is seen from one point of view.  After 9 minutes the whole story starts over and you see a ghost is there messing with the girl. And then the boy comes and the conversation is totally diffent in meaning because of the ghost. it makes everything that happened in the first part make sense and it really funny. The series seems to have some mysteries to solve regaurding the ghosts past and it looks really good.

Tsuritama on crunchyroll is a really colorful and fun series. It's about Yuki a boy living with his grandma who just transfers to this island. He's very shy and has lots of anxiety so even though he's transfered a lot he's never made friends. This is beacuse when he gets anxious he starts to make a scary face and then goes off the deep end. On the first day of school while hes starting to freak out during his introduction he meets another transfer student Haru, who claims to be an alien, and is also living at his house. Haru decides that Yuki and a young man know as the Fishing Prince are going to learn to fish together so they can save the world. It's a strange anime but it's fun. Yuki seems really annoying. Grandma seems a bit to complacent letting a strange alien live with them. I do feel the depiction of anxiety is correct though. Anyone whose had anxiety attacks knows what its like to loose control and freak out. The seires looks promising.

So thats my view on the new season. We'll have to wait and see how the rest of it goes.