Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Crunchyroll winter 2013 simulcast

So I've been checking out whats being shown on crunchyroll this winter--I totally missed out on commenting on summer and fall so I'll mention some continuing titles as well. There are some good ones and some bad ones.

Okay I have to say when starting the first episode I was like "Why did Jess recommend something to me so dark and depressing." Heck we have a little girl who can read minds, and because she revealed the things people didn't want her to she ends up totally ostracized her parents break up and she gets left with her grandfather. So she decides to not get close to anyone and is totally broken and lonely. So when shes in high school she transfers to a new school and meets someone who brings color and hope back into her life, Manabe. He's actually thinks it's really cool that she can read minds and keeps pursuing her until he gains her trust and promises never to leave her alone. It's really sweet. Manabe is a pervert and not very bright, but the relationship between the two is very sweet. I think this series has a lot of promise and I will be continuing to watch it.

This series is based off a manga I have not read yet. It started in the Fall season. My first impression was that it had some cute character designs and is brightly colored with a Middle eastern type flare. So I figured it would be some fun cute shonen series.  I was right however, it has some deeper issues in it for instance slavery, rebellions, war, what it means to be a ruler, and so on.  It interests me that it also has references to 1001 Arabian Nights . For instance two main characters are Aladdin and Alibaba. Aladdin being the more well know reference, and yes he does have a Jin but in a flute not a lamp. Alibaba referring to the tale of Alibaba and the 40 thieves and how Alibaba out witted them and took their spoils. In this story though you have a world where these dungeons appear in the sky. Alibaba is a guy who does odd jobs around and he meets this kid with a voracious appetite named Aladdin. Alibaba gets in trouble because the boy eats all the cargo. So he needs to pay the debt or become a slave. So he goes to capture the dungeon. It's a fun shonen series and I'm looking forward to what happens next.

This series is based off of a light novel series. It's about the human world being at war with the demon world and they send a lone hero to defeat the demon king. The only thing is that what he finds is a very beautiful woman who asks him to become hers. Of course he says NO. But after explaining why just ending the war would be bad economically and that the only way to end it would be to take actions to ensure that peace could be brought about without hurting the people in the winter kingdom he agrees.  It's a very aesthetically pleasing anime. Sure they talk about boring things like the economics of war and farming, but it is done in a way that it is interesting  The characters may not have names just titles like hero, or red scholar, or head maid but its not different then say the Tale of Genji. People are referred to by their position. The story is really good.

Ixion Saga DT
I find this to be one of the most annoying anime ever. This one started in the Fall and at first I was like oh another series where someone gets sent to another world might be interesting  Well Kon is a gamer and while playing some MMO he meets a woman who says she needs his help and he agrees not realizing shes sending him to another world. Where he ends up in his desk chair landing on top of a soldier who was attacking a princess and her escort. Because he helped save the princess he ends up becoming their companion. Doesn't sound too bad right. The only thing is he's a selfish egotistical bastard who whines and complains. It seems in this series that appearances are deceptions the princess is a kid but shes really mature, her maid might be a beautiful woman but shes transgendered, her guard looks like a air head muscle man but he holds a degee in engineering. Kon has to be one of the most unlikable main characters I have ever seen. The one charachter i like is Eric. He is kind and has some tragic things happen to him because he fights Kon. Another thing is that their are a lot of jokes about testicles and things I don't understand. The humor of the series goes right over m head though I got the testicle jokes. This one is off my watch list. Eric might be cool but Kon gets on my nerves.

Vividred Operation
The thing you see first in the series is a panty shot that focuses in on the crotch of a young girl. I didn't find it amusing. The story was that these sisters live with their grandfather who was the creator of a device that allowed everyone to get energy from the atmosphere. Apparently he spends all their money on building something in his workroom which turns out to be the ultimate weopean to fight these mysterious invaders and only his grandaughter can activate the key. I only watched 2 episodes.  You have really cheesy transformations from the first time they activate it and posing. Lots of panty shots too. I felt it wasn't anything really special unless I suppose you like looking at prepubescence girls panties.

Problem Children are Coming From Another World
Besides having a uber long title it jumps right to the main characters each receiving a letter then finding themselves falling from the sky and landing in another world. Apparently they have been chosen because they have super powers to participate in the gift games where they compete with others including gods, demons, aliens, you name it. They are asked to join this nameless community that had been defeated ad decimated by a demon god and they agree because it seems interesting  The story is really strange and mysterious. I'm not really sure what I think of it yet.

Bakumatsu Gijiden Roman
It's about a secret group who take jobs to get things back. Kinda like a robin hood type thing. Take back what the tyrants take from the people. Since it takes place in the bakumatsu you run into characters from say the Oniwabashi, which anyone who is familiar with Ruroni Kenshin should recognize. Even though I'm a big fan of the Barumatsu period--heck Sakumoto Ryoma, and the Shinsengumi are some of my favorite topics. I even wrote my senior thesis on it--I'm not really loving this series.

Based off an Otome game where the heroine looses her memory because this entity collided with her and got attached to her. He convinces her to not go to a doctor and she tries to pretend that she is normal. However, people end up realizing things are off. Then it seems she caught in a loop where the events each time are different. The story is extremely confusing. Games don't always make good anime. Maybe if i played the actual game it wouldn't be so bad but as is it's more like what the hockey sticks.

I know there are more new titles then that but those are the ones which I had the strongest feelings about. There were a lot of short anime this season none of which were interesting to me and I'm sticking to my if I read the original source material I'm not watching it stance once again. So hopefully my comments on these ones will be helpful.