Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fritz Belguim Fry House in Bremerton, Wa

Down by the ferry terminal in Bremerton you can find several little restaurants. One of which I had seen the sign about them having breakfast but I never tried it. Today I had an hour so I wanted something good to eat. Since it was before 10am the sushi place, the teriaki place and the Indian place were closed. I didn't feel like my usual quiche at the coffee place across the street from starbucks today, starbucks I don't like and subway breakfast is unimpressive. So I walked to Franz Belgium Fry House. First of all it smelled good outside. Walking in it's warm and the smell is heavenly. It's a tiny little place but there are places to sit and eat. Heres whats on the wall
There  were quite a few more of these too. 

The food selection was interesting too the whole menu was already available as well as breakfast. Thinks like fish and chips being on the menu(I'll have to try those next time). I opted for the breakfast combo.

4 waffle sticks, 4 sausages, hash browns and maple butte dip. You do have the option of bacon as well as a huge list of sauces but this is what I chose. The sausage was really good. Perfectly cooked. Nice and juicy and not a bit dry. The waffles were soft inside and crunchy on the outside. They were pretty thick but they were perfectly cooked. Apparently--though not included in the combo--you can get waffle sticks with filings too. I'll have to try those in the future too.

Needless to say I will be stopping here for meals more often. The food is wonderful. The person working there was really nice, it's not a full service restaurant but still good. The menu looks really good too and if you like to drink they have some interesting drinks it looks like. Though I'm not really an expert on beers or ales.

edit: also I should say I gave what I had left to m grandparents who were also delighted with it.