Saturday, March 2, 2013

Poison: A fantasy of friendship and hard choices(And yes this book has not been officially released)

So I managed to get an advanced copy of Poison by Bridget Zinn which will be released March 12th. It was in my pile of books to read and feeling too sick to study and not able to sleep I read the thing in one go. 

So here we have the story of Kyra,  a 16 year old master of potions who is now a wanted criminal. In order to save her kingdom she decided that she needed to kill her best friend who was going to be the next ruler. She failed her attempt and now was on the run. So she goes to the king of the criminals to get aid in finishing her mission. Who gives her a pig to track her target. In her journey she meets a mysterious handsome young man who she just can't seem to shake. This is a world of magic, with witches, trolls, and other strange creatures.

 At first I have to say the idea of a teenager out to kill her best friend was was not something I was too thrilled about but I said ok there has to be a reason. Someone doesn't just up and say I think I'll kill my best friend today unless of course they are a psychopath, and clearly Kyra isn't the sort. Basically the reasoning behind Kyra's actions is slowly revealed as the tale unfolds. Since I want others to enjoy the book I shan't give away this since it's central to the plot. But Kyra is the type to give up everything in order to do what she believes is right. 

I have to say the story is not very deep but it is a delightful and fun read. The best part in my opinion is how her relationship with the little pig and the handsome young man named Fred developed  Even though she tries to distance herself from both you can see she wants to have a connection. It's an interesting world to that I would like to see more of. So I say head over to amazon or Barnes and Nobles and reserve yourself a copy.