Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dark Shadows: Tales of a cursed House

So a few months ago mom, grandma, and I watched the Dark Shadows movie. I have to say off the bat i was skeptical that it would please me. So I went in with no expectations. And of course those expectations were of course as expected. A movie that displeased me. My mom who grew up with the series had been excited to watch the movie saying it looked funny. I on the other hand who watched the series on the sci-fi channel in college was not so positive but we're talking loving nostalgia for something from ones childhood so   we watched.

Now I said to mom last weekend, why don't we watch the original series on netflixs.A series that has 1,225 episodes but netflixs only has ones starting in the second year of it's run. They only have epidoes 210-4something. Yeah that's vague but pretty much only things shown in 1967. But at least it's something. Now I did notice in watching what we did cheesy and all I the series is much better then the movie. Yes its campy and cheesy but I like it. The movie is missing part of the charm that makes it so good. However, I did notice that some of the dialogue for instance when Barnabas meets Vickie Winters is word for word the same. So it's not entirely off base. Even if mom and I were disappointed the whole series is not there (same with the classic Dr Who gasp!) we are still enjoying our trip down memory lane with Barnabas Coilns and his familly