Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring 2013 Simulcasts part II: Bugs and Flowers

Watched some more new series. I have to say so far I feel this spring has a lot of titles with good potential as opposed to the disappointing winter season. I will not be watching the Arata anime since I have been reading the manga and inevitably since I love the manga I'm sure to find something that makes me unhappy about it. So there are more upcoming titles to watch this season so once I form some kinds of opinions I will once again post something.

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If you can deal with giant killer insects that can even take out bears this one looks interesting. It's about  young samurai whose father lost his leg because of a mistake he made as a child which caused the lords son to shame himself. So in order to make up for his mistake he wants to be a great samurai to make up for his fathers sacrifice. When his father is summoned to the Insect magistrates office he goes instead. Apparently this is a government office which takes care of these monstrous bugs. beware if you have  issues with spiders it may cause you to have nightmares for life.  Not sure about this title yet.

Flowers of Evil
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I'd heard the name of this before. There is  manga series though I hadn't tried it.  It starts out with an ordinary scene of students walking to schools and talking as they meet classmates as they enter the hall. In a way the designs are more realist then most anime you see but very simple at the same time. In a way it almost felt to me as though they had actually filmed people and then animated over it. Everything is like a normal day at school nothing exciting just your normal activities like PE, literature class and so on. You even have a test. It's all just a quite and boring everyday existence. Scenes reflected in mirrors and all kinds of interesting imagery saturate this anime. As the episode progresses we learn the title refers to the French poet Charles Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil, a volume of poems about decadence and eroticism. According o Wikipedia the publisher as well as Baudelaire were prosecuted for the books indecency. The fact that in the forward boredom is called the worst of miseries it's interesting that the start of the anime so mundain and reflects a boring and uninteresting life. The life of a boy in love with literature and with the smartest girl in class. Images show up as if something is growing and waiting to bloom. It's seems it might turn out to be an interesting series.