Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring 2013 Simulcasts Part III: Shorts and a trip to the Freak Show

Okay I watched a few more. I will not be watching Yuyushiki since it doesn't even sound remotely interesting to me.

Sparrow Hotel
simulcast on Crunchyrollcom

Short 3 min episodes about a hotel where the clerk is oblivious normal things but is strong and protects the hotel. I won't be watching more of it. I'm not one to enjoy anime where the charachter is so dumb and she doesn't even know what it means to make a bed. Even if you have never made one before you should at least know what a made bed looks like.  Apparently what she is missing in brains went to her chest since it's so large. Personnally I think this is a really sexist representation.

simulcaast on Funimation.com

Since this show was so creepy I couldn't even finish 7 min I'm not entirely sure what it's about. However, I can say there seems to be a lot of mysterious things going on. A boy remembering someone named Kaoru leaving then waking up to find a woman on him about to do something to him. A man breaking in. The woman turning out to be some kind of monster who eats humans. Mention of something called the circus in there too. It was s creepy it was too much for me. But without seeing the full episode i can't really say much storywise. It might prove to be interesting unfortunately I'm not up to horror.

Simulcast on Crunchyroll.com

This one actually didn't seem so bad for a short. It mostly felt like a short exerpt form a series. 3 girls meet and are soon starting high school. Now the opening was a bit strange though. Tons of images of crabs. At one point was one with what looked like a picture of Steve Jobs next to which it said Let's Think Cabling. It seemed rather random considering I ave a feeling this is a slice of life not about networking. It gave me flashbacks to my networking + class cabling this cabling that. Not something I expected to see mixed in with all the crabs. Now the biggest question is why the crabs? So I'm going to give it a try. Besides the excessively strange opening the actual show itself might be good.