Sunday, April 7, 2013

The dark side of Cosplay Culture: Racism and Eliteism

So I recently attended Sakuracon Easter weekend and was exposed once again to stuck up elitist cosplayer and something even darker. And yes there is elitism among cosplayers. Those who look down on others for say using there own hair instead of a wig. Or for not using the right materials to create their costume. Or for buying their costume and so on. If it's not perfect the elitist cosplayer looks down on you like you are some kind of scum stepping out of your place. However, i came across something even worse this year at Sakuracon while waiting for Reki Kawahara to sign my copy of his novel. And that is racism.

I heard a man discussing with his friends cosplay in elitist terms and about how he has such high standards for cosplay that he doesn't even cosplay himself any more. Then things turned nasty. Then he went on to say that the only cosplayers who looked right cosplaying were Asians. I have heard this before online that only Asians should cosplay as anime characters.  They even accused non-Asian cosplayers in the article i had read of being racist. Personally I think the notion that only people of the race of the character should cosplay as them is a racist notion. Dressing up as a character is is saying hey i admire the work of the creator and wish to emulate it by doing so. It's a form of admiration not racism. Saying that a non-Asian shouldn't dress like an anime character is like saying someone who isn't white shouldn't dress like batman. It's ridiculous. Personally, I feel that people who think things should be that way are deplorable. Anyone should be able to dress up as whatever character they want regardless of what color their skin is. Racism is an ugly thing and we shouldn't allow it to surface anywhere.