Thursday, May 30, 2013

For You I'll be a Hero, An Antihero: Blood Lad

I'll have to admit I might have not read Blood Lad if Yen Press hadn't have given me vol 2 at Sakuracon. Since I had vol 2 I had to get vol 1 so I could read it and I have to say not reading it would have been a mistake. It is pretty good. This is the story of a Otaku Vampire named Staz Charlie Blood. He is the area boss in one section of the lower demon world and one day his guys find a human girl. Since she is Japanese he sees this as his chance to go to Japan the home of manga and anime. However, he also starts to find himself attracted to her and wants to drink her blood. Well a challenger appears and while he's fighting she ends up getting eaten by a carnivorous plant and becomes a ghost. So he decides to help her come back to life so he can drink her blood.

In a way it's along the lines of Soul Eater, you have a supernatural world theirs fighting and it has comedy elements. It's got this horror theme going but it's not really scary. Sure a human going to the demon world's life is in peril but it's not enough to creep me out. The story itself is really interesting. You have quite a few mysterious things going on. For instance why did Fuyumi end up in the demon world. You have also the relationship between Staz and his elder  brother Braz. Braz is defiantly up to something politically. Why would he seal away Staz's true powers? What is he up to? I have to say the majority of the characters are up to no good. This is the demon world and the main character is a vampire so it's not like you would expect them to be good guys. But the biggest question is what are Staz's true feelings for Fuyumi? But we won't find out until he brings her back to life, if he can. Is he only attracted to her blood or is it something else.

I have to  say I really am enjoying Blood Lad. Now that I read the manga though I can't watch the anime though. I think the story is a lot of fun. Now i have to wait for the next volume to be released. unfortunately it's not even availabe for preorder yet. I checked the Yen Press site as well as amazon looking for a listing but Alas no luck. Volume 4 just can't come out fast enough for me. I really want to see what Staz does next on his journy to be a hero, or should I say an anti-hero for Vampires are villans.