Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nothing says spring like a Japanese kit kat bars

Japanese kit kat bars are something special, plus they come in a variety of flavors. The only thing is they are seasonal  I'll never forget when I first discovered them and since no place locally had them I went online and found a place i could order them from. It took what felt like forever to receive them but once I received them it was worth the wait. The strawberry had real pieces of dried strawberry in the white chocolate. The green tea though was extra special. For years after I dreamt of those green tea kit kats longing to once again taste their goodness. When last year what did I find in Seattle but Green tea kit kats. And once again they were there again but this time I stocked up on a few bags. Unfortunately I'm on the last bag and the cashier said April would be the last month they were selling them. So once they are gone I'll have to wait until next year.

The casual observer might be like why are you so obsessed with these Japanese kit kats. But there are a multitude of flavors ranging from green tea, strawberry, peach all the way to things like maple, banana and wasabi. However most of these flavors are limited edition or seasonal. So it makes them a bit of a rare item. They are given out as lucky items to students since kitto katsu sounds like you will succeed . Even if flavors like wasabi, sweet corn, and baked potato sound strange there are lots of really good ones too if you get a chance I recommend giving one of the good flavors a chance.