Saturday, May 25, 2013

This lovely and cruel world: A week in review.

Wow this was a rough week for many people. Started this week hearing about a tornado from hell in the midwest and then not far from where I live a bridge collapsed. It was so heartrending to hear of all the people who lost everything in the tornado and of the people who lost their lives, unfortunately the majority of those were small children. Though I mus admit I'm glad the initial estimate of lost children was way off though I still wish to extend my condolences to all the families who did experience a loss. Loosing a loved one feels just like having your heart ripped out. I have to say though living in that area where tornado's are prevalent I think they are brave. Personally I don't want to live there because I am terrified of the destructive power of tornado's. On the other hand the Skagit bridge had no casualties but 3 people were rushed to the hospital for treatment. That could have been terrible but the people on the scene and privately owned boat owners leapt into action to help those trapped in the water. It was really nice to see people working together to help each other. The thing is this world is beautiful but cruel. Accidents and natural disasters happen around us all the time. Human evils also happen around us all the time. However, this world also contains kindness and people willing to band together to help each other. People who will pick themselves up bravely in destruction and start over again. The sun will always rise and set until the end of time. This world is indeed ugly and beautiful and all we can do is to live bravely and try to make the ugliness less while keeping it in mind. But yes the people of Oklahoma are brave.