Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dancing Deer Baking Company: all natural goodness

I have been trying to stay away from artificial ingredients for a while. I want my food to be wholesome and real not fake. Artificial ingredients usually have a funny taste and leave me unsatisfied. So last week my mom bought me some Dancing Deer Company maple pecan shortbread cookies. They are gourmet cookies which use all natural ingredients. They are a bit expensive a box of 12 small short bread cookies for around $5. But they were worth it. I've bought one other all natural brand of cookies before and it was kinda meh. However, these cookies are really good. I like them as much as I do homemade cookies. Today i bought a package of there Molasses Clove cookies. These are the soft big cookies. They have a lovely spicy flavor. I am really picky about my cookies. These cookies are worth buying again. You can taste the goodness. No strange flavors from artificial ingredients. I plan to eat lots of these cookies in the future. You can find their website here: