Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DD Fist of the North Star: Inside jokes are only funny to those who are in on them

I thought I'd give my opinion on the show that Cruchyroll started showing today. I have heard the name Fist of the North Star before, it's a series whose name I've heard mentioned on various anime sites but I have never seen it or read the manga. All I know is it's a martial arts series and my coworker told me she hated it. So when I saw this new series on Crunchyroll  I was like oh lets check out this series. Turns out it's a gag series. I think most of the jokes are only funny if your actually familiar with the anime. It's more like gags panels from extra sections in manga filled with inside jokes that people outside a fandom might be like I don't get it but those who know the series will be like hahahahahha I so get it.  It's kinda like this image I saw where it took Uta no Prince and used the character Hanji Zoe from Attack on Titan for the female lead and the reverse harem was the Titans. Now for anyone not familiar with the series, or far enough in to know Hanji, the joke wouldn't make any sense it might just creep them out considering the Titans are creepy. I found myself looking at DD Fist of the North Star going this is not my cuppa tea it's over the top and I have no idea where the jokes are coming from. It feels similar to the jokes in the back of the Gundam manga my sister has but I don't understand the context in this case. Maybe if I was able to look at the original series I might be like oh that's funny but at the moment I found it to be irritating.