Friday, June 7, 2013

No wonder they call them Cat Burglers: My cat is a klepto-kitty

So I got my cat Momo-hime in September, and I've noticed that she likes to take things from flashlights to $20 bills if it looks interesting she'll take it. Shes not the first klepto-kitty I've met. We used to have one when I was in high school who would steal socks, but only socks and we never found where she was hiding them. Then my moms cat Kyou also takes things, I caught him with my pencil once, he also took grandmas ring, and a few other things from time to time but nothing to bad besides some pill bottles. Then my grandma's cat Daphnie has been know to take papers. Now Momo on the other hand is the worst of all of them. And shes really good at hiding what she takes. However, this morning I found one of her caches for her loot. Which contained--besides a few toys--a flashlight, her wire shed brush, 3 empty hand sanitizer bottles, a partially filled hand sanitizer bottle, one of my shirts, some socks, some cotton ball, some used wipes, my missing emergency inhaler some nail clippers and one of her little blankets. Unfortunately that is not everything she has taken. I know she has at least $5 hidden somewhere. Of course now she mad at me since I took all her treasures away. But she definitely is a good example of a cat burglar. Apparently though there are lots of kitties who do such things just google it and you'll see stories of these kitty criminals pop up for instance this link: . But it definitely goes to illustrate just where the term cat burglar comes from. All I can say is at least my cat doesn't leave my room so she only steals my things otherwise who knows what trouble she would get into.