Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Regeneration Time: My thoughts on the hubbub about the Casting for the new Doctor.

So since it was announced that Matt Smith would be leaving his role as the Doctor the internet has been afire with speculation. I have to say I hope they find some unknown Jem to fill the spot. I agree with Neil Gaiman on the matter that a well known actor brings the baggage of their past rolls. So I want to see someone who will come in and just be the Doctor. Someone fresh and new. One thing that I do not want to see that a number of fans have been saying is that they want a female Doctor. I am not alone with not being happy with such a suggestion. If they just make the Doctor female to show how with the times and tolerant they are I will be disappointed. I don't care what ethnicity the doctor becomes I do however want him to remain a man. I've been watching the series from the time I was 3 years old. I feel that the series does need some consistency to tie each of the doctors together and the doctor being a man is one of those things. Now if they want a female time lord why don't they bring back Jenny, who shows up in the episode The Doctors Daughter. Now that would be fun.