Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When the Last Sword is Drawn: A tale through reminising

Yoshimura Kanichiro one of the lesser known members of the Shinsengumi's tale is told in this period film. The music I was surprised to see was by Joe Hisaishi, whose work is known to many from his work with Studio Ghibli. This film is very interesting in that it takes place many years after the main characters death. It starts out with a doctor and his wife packing up for a move to Manchuria when an elderly man brings his sick grandchild in to be examined. It turns out that the old man recognizes someone in a photograph and that person is Yoshimura Kanichiro, who was a instructor in swordsmanship  for the Shinsengumi after having abandoned his clan. We learn the old man is really Hajimie Saito. One of the gloomiest representations of Saito I've ever seen. It's interesting that his whole story is told by both the doctor and Saito as they remember the past and even the main subjects past memories fill in gaps. This is a tale fully told by memories of a impoverished samurai who loved his home and his family but in order for his family to survive he gives up what he loves and joins the Shinsengumi. It is a tale of friendship, love, and sacrifice. A tragic tale of of of the members or an ill-fated group as he struggled to make sure those he loved were provided for.

You can watch this film on Crunchyroll.