Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Star Wars and Kingdom Hearts: The power of the Darkside

Kingdom Hearts is the first game I played on PS2 but Star Wars is something I grew up with. With the new game in the works and people talking about the possibility of a Star Wars world in the game it sounds fun. I can remember watching Episode 6 back in the early 80's with my parents and sister. And I probably watched episodes 4-6 300 more times than I should of in high school. So much that I used to be able to recite all the dialogue. Ah yes back than it was either Doctor Who or Star Wars I was watching. But the thing is I think Star Wars and Kingdom Hearts are similar in a way. Sora and Luke just happening to fall into that special warrior role without having full formal training and rituals to get to that role, going on a journey to face the darkness, and then eventually becoming a true master. Heck we even see characters in both seduced by the power of darkness like Riku, and Anekin Skywalker. In both you could say it's light versus darkness, good versus evil. I think the worlds in themselves are very similar in that aspect and could meld ver easily. Kingdom Hearts is an excellent and fun series--though I think Re:coded sucked--and Star Wars is one of those cult classics that practically everyone knows. Heck even the Final Fantasy games refer to them with characters named Biggs and Wedge. I have to say I would love to see Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars cross. I think it could be fun.