Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Glimpse of the past seeing Historical replicas up close and personnal

So today Dad took me down to the harbor to see the tall ships. The Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain made a stop this weekend in Port Orchard, Wa. Seeing them up close they are kind of small. Compared to say the USS Stennis these two are really small. But they are really beautiful. The lady Washington though is the prettier of the two. Dad and I decided to go on The Lady Washington. For a donation you can go aboard and take a look. Which doesn't take very long. You can look down in the hold and walk around on deck. You can go down to the see the galley and sleeping birth. It's really interesting to get to experience something first hand you usually see in movies. From what they said they have a program where people can go on board and work and learn about how to sail the ships which sounds cool but like a lot of work. I really love this kind of thing. The only think is i wish I could have seen the sails unfurled and seen it flying before the wind. That would have been awesome.