Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ageism is a bad thing: The 12th Doctor

So I was pretty happy with the new announcement of the actor who will play the Doctor. However, instead of finding everyone being yay a new doctor or we'll at least give him a try I find some people making discriminatory remarks about his age. The man is 55 years old and a great actor. The thing is that the role of the doctor is one that is malleable. The doctor can be an age and any personality really. Anyone who has watched the series should realize this. Especially if you've seen the classic doctor who. In fact there have been a few in there 50's. I've been watching the series almost all my life. For 33 years. I always found the doctor charming and he was my hero. He was attractive in his personality and who cared how old he was he was the doctor. It's sad to think that someone would say hey he's too old to play the part. Unfortunately in this world there is discrimination against older people and this is something I never thought to see among fans of Doctor Who a series where it's the actors skill that should be valued and not how many wrinkles and gray hairs they have. We live in a society where people are youth centered and people are trying to look young. But the fact of the matter is we all get old. Just because we get older doesn't mean we have no value and that our skills aren't up to par. No we should value the generations that come before and admire their skills. Personally I am thrilled we have a new doctor who is such a skilled actor. I hope to see him play the role for many years to come. I also hope those who are judging him based on his age come to realize that they are being unfair. It's just as bad to judge someone based on age as it is to judge them based on skin color or gender.