Thursday, August 15, 2013

Korean Dramas I love them but they sure can be irratating

Anyone who has watched more than one Korean drama can understand how fun they can be. They can be silly and fun. However, they can also be so annoying you want to yank all your hair out and scream in frustration. I've noticed the shorter the Korean drama the better. Things like Arang and the Magistrate, or scandal being good examples of ones I love. And then ones that are good but annoying and frustrating to get through being like The Great Queen Seondoek or say Delightful girl Chunyan. The thing I hate most is when there's a lot of getting together and breaking up and getting back together in a series between the same two characters and really nasty characters who keep getting in the way. But maybe that's part of it's charm as well. The dreaded love quadrangle is something you see often in Korean drama. I have to say though Korean dramas have the nastiest meanest love rivals I have ever seen. Well you can also see them in girls comics from Korea. Nasty mean women who would be horrible things to their rivals while acting cute and innocent to the guy they are trying to win. But it's not just the women who are nasty backstabbing players out to get what they want you can even find male characters of the same type  who will play every dirty trick in the book to get what they want. Depending on the series I might not enjoy it. But there are a lo of series I do enjoy. The thing is sometimes I feel some characters just need a good smack down. Instead of breaking people up or utterly destroying those they don't like why don't they do something positive. But yes, I love Korean dramas with all the mess they come with but I also hate them for being so frustrating and taking their time to get to a resolution with their back a forth of I trust you and I don't trust you get together break up type of junk. It's good but bad.