Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lupicia: Tea Heaven and the Ice tea handy

So my friend got me hooked on Lupicia tea. We're talking a tea company whose main office is based out of Daikanyama--I wonder how close that is to the Baby the Stars Shine Bright Shop also located in Daikanyama.  There are a few shops in the US but none alas in Washington state. I think there should be one in Seattle. So I have to order my tea online when I get it from there. I do have a few local tea shops I like that make good blends but I still love Lupicia. This month my grandma and I bought their Ice tea handy cooler. We bought the larger one though they really aren't that big. It only makes a few glasses of Ice tea. Just enough for grandma and i to have some ice tea for lunch and then make some more for dinner. It's tall and thin and you can use it to make ice tea two ways. It has a filter you put the tea leaves in and you can do it the hot water way which is quicker or the cold water way which depending on the type of tea can take 3-10 hours. Since it's so hot and I don't feel like spending time boiling water I opted for the cold water method. For the green tea 3-5 hours and for Black as much as 10. So far I really like it. The cold water method doesn't require much effort. Just put the leaves in and the water in throw it in the fridge. When the time is up take the leaves out and you can serve it. They recommend drinking the tea within 24 hours. Considering that it doesn't hold a lot and there are 2 of us that is no problem. I like that the handy cooler is glass. Though this makes it easier to break if I accidentally drop it. I have to say though I enjoy making tea much better this way then the way I did before which was boil a pot of water, put the tea in, brew the tea, add the water. In the heat of summer it can really be tedious. So having this new way to brew my tea is much nicer. I can keep the hot water for my cup of hot tea.