Saturday, September 28, 2013

Attack on Titian: A great anime with great themes

Attack on Titian has been all the rage since the anime came on the scene in the spring. A great action packed series with great art and a disturbing story. A very disturbing story where people are getting killed in very gruesome ways in every episode. Now I also read the manga which is still running in Japan. What I liked best about the anime is that it followed the manga very closely, even if the order things are presented are more chronological than the manga I feel they did a good job. The art in the anime is significantly better than the manga, where sometimes a character didn't have a consistent look always and there were other issues which make the art not that great. The story is what makes the manga great and the anime adding the nicer art while still looking similar to the original kept the story as it should be only adding things that enhanced the story. Very little was changed.  In my opinion the anime is really a great adaptation which never left me disappointed as i have been with other series adapted from manga I have read. Now the place where the anime ends is right before a very very interesting arc in the manga where we learn a few more things about the pasts of various others of the trainee's who were with Eren. So even though i haven't read or seen anything confirming a second season I'm hoping there is one. Unlike say Blue Exorcist where the last part of the anime deviated so much I was displeased Attack on Titan is true and is definitely open for continuing in the future. So if you haven't watched the anime I highly recommend checking it out. Well I should warn that it is fairly gruesome with people dying terrible deaths that made me cringe. I was at very edge of my tolerance level for this one since I'm not so good with the gore. But the story is worth getting through it. I still want questions to be answered. Who are the titian? Where did they come from? What is their purpose? What is really going on here? So many more mysteries are left to be unraveled in this world where death lurks just around the corner. I can't wait to go further.