Wednesday, October 2, 2013

fall 2013 simulcast part III: Spirit warriors and Cities in Decay

So sowly we are being given new stuff to watch,

Beyond the Boundry
Siulcast on crunchyroll

This is the first show this season thats looking like it could be good. A young man decides to save a girl from committing suicide only o be stabbed by her. Lucky for him he has an immortal body because he's half youmu. So everyday she attacks him after school. She is from a spirit warrior family and hasn't defeated a youmu an her sempai seems like good practice. It looks interesting and could turn out really good.

Simulcast on

Starting with stunning visuals, a field of grass and  wild flowers swaying in the wind. Water trickling as light reflects off it and a frog swims.The colors look faded like an old photograph. It looks like a world in decay. Lots of movement like wind in a girls hair. Three girls on a reconnaissance mission into the old capital. A place normal humans can't live. But only they are able to go in without masks or hazmat suits because they are genetically modified children called Coppelion, which is a reference to a story of a puppet come to life. There is a ballet by the same name. The ending sequence even has some doll imagery. This is a world where Tokyo was destroyed by "humans opening Pandora's Box with their own hands." And now it's a place humans no longer belong. A dark world. Might be good if done right.