Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall 2013 Simulcast part VIII: Nutcases

My Mental Choices are Totally Interfering With My High School Comedy Romance
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Besides having the longest most ridiculous title the anime is weird. It  goes that history is shaped by the choices of those who lived in the past and the future is shaped by the choices we make. Now the main character has a problem where he will get an absolute choice he has to make or else he gets a pain in his head. Unfortunately he gets two ridiculous choices that make him look like a total perv. I could only take 13 min of the show before I was like no way am I watching this. I don't mind watching something a bit eicchi if the story is good enough--like say Rosario + Vampire or Negima--but this doesn't even have an interesting story and seems the characters aren't even appealing.