Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall 2013 Siumlacst part V: Fantasy Worlds, Demons, and Guardian Spirits

So after not watching anything the past few days because I've been ill and was trying to focus on my homework I'm taking a break now I only have one thing left to do thats due on Tuesday. So lets get caught up.

Nagi no Asakura
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A world where humans used to live in the sea but cast off their ena in order to live on land. The remaining people live in a world that is almost identical to that on land and now that their high school shut down need to go to school on land. Hikari takes care of his friend Manaka, who he cares a lot about because shes clumsy but when she gets runs off and he looks everywhere and finds her with a male classmate he is starts to worry. It seems like it's going to be interesting if a bit strange.

I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job
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So starts out with a scene right out of an RPG a party out fighting monsters hoping to become heroes and save the world. Though I could have done without the female team member loosing her top. But then it turns out the Demon Lord has been defeated so the war is called off. Leaving the need for heroes a bygone thing. So Raul decides to get a job at a Magic Shop, though I don't know any magic shop like this where they sell washers and dryers. It looks more like a department store where they just stuck on the word magic. It pretty much resembles the modern world with a few oddities. The series seems much in line with the likes of Hataraki Maou also known as The Devil is a Part Timer, except that this is set in a magical world. So in this new series, Raul's new coworker turns out to be the Demon Lords kid and he now is in charge of their training. He thinks this is a guy but turns out she is a girl. The series is too eicchi for me. I don't enjoy panty and boob shots. If the story was better I might be able to deal with it but it's on the blah side. So this one I'm not even watching episode 2 of.

Strike the Blood
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In a world that reminds me of Dance in the Vampire Bund where you have an island the government set up for nonhuman creatures called the demon district, Akatsuki Kujou 3 months prior was a normal high school student, but in an incident he can't remember clearly became a vampire. Not just any vampire either but a powerful one called a progrnerator. As the fourth progenerator the Lion King Orginization wanted to determine if he was a danger and sent a girl to investigate. Akatsuki realizes he's being followed and at first tries to avoid her, then helps her when she gets into a fight with some demons. When he finds her wallet and returns it they talk and he is forced to face the gravity of what he's become as she tells him that she will help him. It looks like it could be pretty good.

Log Horizon
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Yet another series about MMORPG's. With the opening sequence having a line like "This isn't a game, it's our new reality." It brings to mind other series like say .hack/sign and Sword Arts Online, where you actually have characters who find themselves trapped in a virtual world. Series that make you think "I don't want to ever play VR games like that!!" In this one it's different then the other two I mentioned in that the fighting style when the characters get stuck becomes different while in the other two it had no change from before. Also this one seems to have more comedy elements while the other two were more serious. I don't really feel to excited about this one but I will try a few more episodes.

Outbreak Company
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Hard core Otaku and hikkikomori Shin Kanou, finds an ad for a job that would put to use Otaku knowledge. He passes the preliminary exam with a perfect score. On going to the interview he is asked about why he became a shut in and explains that his childhood friend turned down his confession by saying she wouldn't date him ever because he's an Otaku. He's given a drink, which is obviously spiked, and next thing you know he's waking up saying "it's an unfamiliar ceiling." he then notices a very moe maid who speaks a strange laungague. She gives him a ring and then he is able to understand. He then finds another girl in the room who is very busty. He's been choosen to act as an amassador and help to export anime and manga. Along the lines of the whole cool Japan thing. Using Japanese Otaku culture to create bonds with this new world the Japanese governement scientist found connected through some worm hole in a crevice.  It's like they have every stereotypical type coming out of the wood works. It's a harem anime that is definitely aimed at the hard core Otaku. You have the whole I've been sent to another world thing along the lines of say Zero no Tsukaima(Zero's Familiar) or Kyou Kara Maou. Actually I'd say it has the same lack of seriousness you get from Kyou Kara Maou. It might even be poking fun at things like Kyou Kara Maou too.  I'd say I'd give it  a few more episodes to decide what i think.

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This one is definitely aimed at girls who like guys who wear glasses. However, I wasn't impressed with it in the first 10 minutes. The colors are bright. I think there is a lot of CG going on here. The story progress and the fact they are trying to make xray glasses to see a naked girl were not something that impresssed me. 10 min was all I could deal with.

Walkure Romance
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Lots of cherry blossoms blooming was what I noticed first in this town where they have an academy where they joist. Funny enough the horse that bolts is named Sakura and the girl it attacks is name Mio meaning beautiful sakura. Lots of Sakura imagry. And Mio's hair is pink like a sakura blossom. I get the feeling this is based off a dating sim game Takahiro saves Mio when his horse Sakura bolts because it has something stuck in it's foot and is in pain. Takahiro used to be studying the knights curriculum but was injured and switched to the begleiter curriculum. The student council president asked him to work for her and team up but he seemed reluctant. He turns everyone down. Mio decides to make him a thank you lunch and while waiting Sakura bolts and chases her while she is trying on Takahiro's knights helmet. She ends up getting tangled up with some knights who accuse her of trying to sabotage them and she gets challenged to a duel because they think she is a knight. I'm not sure what i think of this one yet but I'll give it a try.

Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods
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A girl whose mom died sees the ox spirit at the temple and is told she's the 15th to do so. She lives at an Inari shrine dedicated to the agriculture god Uka-no-Mitama. her dad is the head priest but he can't see Gintarou. She is the successor to the shrine and it's about her relationship with Gintarou. Might be good.

I'm not even bothering with Hajime Ippo or Wanna be the Strongest in the World. They don't even sound like something I'd be interested in.