Monday, November 25, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Timey Wimey Awesomeness

So as a long time Doctor Who fan I was really excited about the 50th anniversary. Mum and I planned out that we would have British food and cupcakes from Picadilly's and I worked hard on homework before she got home from work. Since she worked that day we went with the second showing. From the start I could see the show littered with references from the last 50 years. The original opening being the first and next the name Foreman on the sign. As I watched I had moments of what the heck and then of laughter. Thoughts of like hey it's like a action film. But the thing is it was a fun trip dealing with something that we know has haunted the Doctor over the past 7 seasons. The Time war where things leaked out every once in a while but mostly the Doctor has been tight lipped over it. The story was really interesting, even if it was super silly in places, the tale of a man with a hard choice given the chance to look at what his future would be like if he committed an atrocity and how his future selves came to understand and accept him after pretending he didn't exist and running away for years. It's also a tale of redemption. For indeed the War Doctor is redeemed. Instead of becoming the killer of innocents the 3 Doctors are able to create a new path the path which leads to the story of The End of Time, instead of the path of Genocide. In a way the whole War Doctor thing gave me a feel of A Christmas Carol, the weapon with a consciousness taking on the form of Rose Tyler and showing him his future and showing him what he needed in order to make his choice. I was pleased. It was a fitting 50th Anniversary special, one that apparently made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for largest world simulcast of a syndicated tv show, you won't see any anime I watch doing that. It just goes to show how loved the show is. This is something I couldn't have imagined in 1996, when I at school my sister and I were like "I'm so excited for the Doctor Who movie with Paul McGhan." And people looked at us like what the heck are you talking about. Now so many people are enjoying what I have enjoyed since being a very small child. It's rather cool. My mom who has only really watched the original series also rally enjoyed the show on Saturday. For me it was a really great thing to share with my mom, I'm hoping to get her to watch the new series now and then to maybe go into the Christmas episode and beyond. But yes I'm one happy fan.