Friday, January 3, 2014

Link Horizon Jiyuu He No Shingeki

So New Years Eve on my way to my friends house for the new year I stopped at Uwajimaya and Kinokuniya for snacks and some reading material. I decided before buying any manga or novels to check to see if they had any of the Attack on Titian Theme songs in stock so I went up stairs and nothing was there so I headed back to look at the manga and what do I find but an Attack on Titian display with art books, the sound track and the Link Horizon Jiyuu He No Shingeki. Of course I had to buy it. Now the only time I have every heard these songs was when I was watching the anime. At first I was meh about hem but they grew on me. Now I have to admit I wasn't entirely prepared for what I found on this single. As listened to the first song I was like cool just like I remember, until you hit some funky stuff that sounds like something I heard on the classic rock station as a kid which quickly turned into an entirely different tune. What we have is very theatrical in a way reminiscent of Bohemiem Rhapsody where it seems that a story is being told and the music shifts into different melodies to tell the different parts of the story. Even though the words don't really match this comparison but it feels that way simply from the music in the first piece. The second piece does similar things. Both even have sections in German which is really cool sounding. But yes I would say these aren't your typical pop or rock songs. They seem to fuse different types of music together in a unique way and it might not be everyone's cup of tea but I really enjoy it. I like that I can hear so many different sounds combined in a fun way. The last song on the disk I don't recognize from they series. It's sung by a woman and is a softer and gentler melody. Some powerful vocals and beautiful melody apear in the second part of the song as the pace picks up and the trumpets blare. I'll admit I really can't say what the songs entirely translate as since I can only pick up a bit hear and there of words I know(I really need to refresh what I studied and learn more of Japanese), but I can say that the music really speaks to me. I'm really glad I went to kinokuniya that day and was able to get it.