Friday, January 3, 2014

Skip Beat vol 1 omnibus edition: Vengeful Heoines

Skip Beat is a title that I've been following for years. On New Years Eve I happened to pick up the first volume of Viz's omnibus edition which contains volumes 1 through 3. Which was a pleasing amount for me at a good price. I'm not going to complain about paying $15 for three volumes. Now the paper quality I would complain about. It's cheap paper not great quality no color pages. There is absolutely nothing special about this edition aside from the fact it's low priced and has 3 volumes in it.

Now the story though is awesome. A girl with the motives of getting revenge on the budding music idol who used and abandoned her and is trying to get into showbiz. We're not talking about a cute sweet heroine, but a girl who has descended into darkness and hate.  But it turns out that she might really have talent. The head of LME productions decides that he wants to heal her heart and creates a special section in his company called the Love Me section and now she must work hard to gain back what she has lost as she works hard towards her goal of vengeance. The story is good enough that I would buy this. You can also watch the anime which is fairly close and was simulcast on

But yes. I'd say if you don't already own this series buy it because the story is a lot of fun. If you already have it I'd keep the original releases because then you would have all the pretty color covers.