Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter 2014 Simulcast Part VI: Love, Divorce, and magic.

And yet more titles. There seem to be a lot of weird titles but some interesting ones with promise as well. Now I won't be watching Nisekoi since i'm following the manga. In my opinion the manga is a lot of fun. The main character tries to live a normal life at school but in reality he is a yakuza young master. When he was a kid he made a promise with a girl who gave him a key and he thinks that girl is his classmate who he has a crush on. One day he goes home and finds out he is engaged to a girl who is the daughter of a mafia family. Even though he's opposed he agrees with the girl to pretend they are so in love to keep the peace between the families. But could this be the girl he really made the promise to. It's the story of a guy who wants nothing more than to find his first love. The story is silly in places but it's a lot of fun. Since I'm so fresh on it I'm not watching the anime because I don't want to be disappointed.

 World Conquest Zvezda Plot
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After running away from home one night a middle school boy finds himself getting caught up in the world conquest plot of a group led by an elementary school aged girl. The costumes and attacks are pretty ridiculous. When fighting the girl is dressed pretty scantily. I'm not entirely sure what to think about this one.

Divorce Chaser
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This live action series is pretty good so far. A married woman who is an aspiring mangaka discovers her husband is cheating on her. So she decides to get a divorce but finds that it's really expensive. So while meeting with her editor she over hears a lawyer going after the restaurant owner for compensation for his wife who he cheated on. She follows the man out of the restaurant and goes to his office with him. This show seems to be about the seriousness of divorce and adultery. Whats really cool is this lawyer is on the side of justice. At one point the woman husband says your a man you should understand. But the lawyer says no I can't understand a fool who would cheat on his wife. It's not the most exciting series but I think it will be interesting.

Wizard Barristers
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A world where magic users are registered and discriminated against. Wizard Barristers are there to defend them and try to get them justice. Sudo Cecil is a 17 year old genius who passed the bar and is now joining the butterfly law office. On her way to her first day she witnesses a magic crime and finds someone she wants to represent. It seems to be an interesting premise. Where the judge is also the executioner and the police are keeping a close eye on magic users. I'm not sure why but every one seems to be like "So this is Sudo Cecil." Why I'm not sure. Maybe it's her youth or maybe it's something else.

I will watch some more series when I get a chance.