Sunday, January 5, 2014

Witer 2014 Simulcast part 2: Nobunaga and goofing off in class

Ok so here are a few more new titles.

Tonari no Sei-Kun: The Master of Wasting Time
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So first off I have to say this is about a girl who is distracted by the boy who sits next to her in class. He is always doing something in the middle of class and she gets in trouble for not focusing on class. Not really something exciting. It's a short anime with episodes under 8 minutes. I really didn't find it too interesting.

Nobunaga the Fool
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One of the most creative Oda Nobunaga stories I've seen. Strange but creative. They seem to take various historical people Nobunaga, Hydeyoshi, Aekachi Mitsuhide, Jeanne D'Arc, Magellan, King Arthur and Leonardo Di Vinci and throw them all into a scifi type world full of space ships and mecha. Considering that they didn't all live in the same times or speak the same languages there is no way that it could have happened this way. I'm not entirely sure where this strange mash-up is going but I'm interested. I have already realized that this will not be historically accurate considering Jeanne D'Arc is teaming up with Nobunaga. That's like teaming up Ceaser Borgia with Mother Tereasa. Interesting enough I had once compared  Ceaser Borgia to Nobunaga and funny enough Di Vinci had once worked for Borgia who is definitely one of the more evil historical personas. Nobunaga is not far off considering he's been called a demon king and used his female relatives like pawns to gain power and killed off anyone who got in his way. Both were brilliant yet on the path of darkness. I'm not sure how this series will turn out but for the moment I'm curious.