Monday, May 26, 2014

Great Time Travel KDramas

So as you can probably tell from some of my previous posts, I am a big fan of Korean Drama's and Time Travel Sci-fi. So what better then to watch shows that combine the two. Here are some recommendations.

Dr Jin

I believe this one is based off of the Japanese Manga of the same name. In the Korean Drama you have this brilliant surgeon who after doing a surgery on a mysterious patient with a tumor shaped like a fetus in his brain, is transported back to the Joseon period. There he saves people and ends up getting caught up in the politics of the time. Using his medical skills while risking his life.

Faith aka The Great Doctor

A female plastic surgeon is kidnapped and taken 800 years into the past to save the life of the new Queen Goryeo. There she finds herself caught up in the struggle for power of the New king and his followers as they try to free themselves from the Yuan rule and the internal threat of the Prince of the Court. It's a world where you have warriors who use elemental powers.

Queen In Hyun's Man

This is the story of a nobleman in the court of Sukjong during the time when Queen In Hyun was deposed and Jang Ok Jung was the queen. As a supporter of the deposed Queen his actions are noticed by Jang Ok Jung's followers who tr to assassinte him. However, a special talisman that was given to him transports him into the future, where he meets an actress who is playing the role of In Hyun in a new drama. And now he is traveling back and forth in time.

Marry Him If You Dare

Mi-rae is 32 years old, works in a call center, no one respects her and she just met an older woman who claims she is a future version of herself. Of course she's convinced this is one of her crazy customers. The woman warns her that if she drives a certain route she will be injured. Thanks to the warning she is able to evade an accident. The future Mi-rae claims she has come back in time to stop an ill fated relationship, one which causes the death of the person she loves most and to create a happy future.