Saturday, May 10, 2014

Voice Over/Seiyuu ka: Cats are Awesome

So I picked up the Viz version of the manga Seiyuu ka!, which they call Voice over. It's by the same mangaka as S.A.. I actually like this a lot better then S.A.. Yes you still get a bunch of unusual man charachters, but I find the story to be more my style. For one thing you have a girl who wants to be a voice actress with a cute voice to do a role as a Lovely Blazer, but she can only do rough and manly voices. Because she is able to do a princely voice she gets noticed and is told she needs to pretend to be a boy and do everything she's told and one day she can get her dream. But the thing that struck me most about the manga was the relationship of the main love interest, Senri, and his cats.

Senri, is a very lonely young man who doesn't know how to be himself. His parents don't spend a lot of time with him. He has no friends. All he has is his work as a voice actor and a house full of cats. He's like one of those little old cat ladies with 100 cats. And he keeps picking up strays. The cats fill the hole in his lonely heart. This really resounds with me. Cats are actually very healing to have around. Senri's relationship with his cat Gonzales, who has passed away, reminds me of my relationship with Comet. Comet was a much friendlier cat then Gonzales, but both of them were kitties who saw someone suffering and gave the love needed. I know a lot of people who haven't been around a lot of cats think they aren't loyal or affectionate but the thing is they can be. Sure you can't force a cat to like you, and each one has their own personality, but if a cat likes you and you open your heart to them you can have a very close relationship.  Cats can be very calming. I've read articles about how cats are good for seniors, about how they help people with autism and mental illness. When I'm anxious or sad petting my cat makes me feel calmer. So seeing Senri's attachment to cats I can understand. Cats are comforting. They are warm and loving. Sure they can be pest and standoffish when they want, but when it comes down to it they will be there for you when you need them.

I think this manga perfectly captures what cats are like and how they can bring love and joy into someones life. The best thing I think in the manga is when Senri starts to take notice of the heroine he sees her as being a cat. I fully recommend this series. It has a good story and cute kitties.