Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Xmen: Days of Future Past

So last week I went to see the newest Xmen movie. I'm a big Wolverine fan, been one since I was back in high school and watched the Xmen Cartoon on fox after school. I'll admit I've never read the comic books. But I did enjoy the cartoon and I've seen all the movies except for First Class. Days of Future Past was a good movie even if there were a few issues. For instance Mystic's power is to change appearance not to steal powers, so the sentinels should not have been able to do that. They would have needed to take Rouge for that type of thing to occur. I can't say how closely it followed the original material since I've never read it. And as for the cartoon it's been so long since I've seen that I can't say how close it is to that. Though I do recall some traveling back in time to see a younger Charles, as well as Bishop coming from the future. What I can say though is that they worked the original movies in as well as First Class, I only know that because they used the same cast members from First Class. i noticed when I was looking on IMDb Database, since I was doing a group project for my Web development Class in which we had to build a movie review site which featured 3 movies of the month and I took on this movie for the project. Overall i really liked the movie. The music was good and the themes were good. I liked that the message was the future can change for the better.